Monday, July 22, 2013

Tony Osborne Reports- Johns and Patterson fiddle while Tennis in NZ continues to burn

For 6 days and 7 nights it was said Nero played the fiddle as Ancient Rome burned, technically this was not true as the violin wasn’t invented. Historians may have got it a little wrong!. Getting it wrong seems to be the habit of Steve Johns CEO of Tennis NZ  and his side kick David Patterson who is the departing Chairman . Can anyone tell me why these two people were seen sipping champagne while attending the ITF Annual Dinner in Paris? The formal function was held at The Palace of Versailles, Dinner suited dignities and their wives  in evening dress were entertained with Chamber music and caviar, the big question who paid for these two failures to attend?. I’m not suggesting they are not entitled to a night out but lets consider the cost of Air Fares ,Accommodation, meals, dinner suit hire, cab fares... the list goes on. What sort of picture does this represent to the average Club member, the hard working committee member and the Club Coach who mows lawns and cleans the dunnies at the club to subsidise his paltry income from coaching. The same coach has never seen Johns, never talked to him and who has never received a reply to his endless emails with suggestion how Tennis in this country could be improved. Recently my wife and I holidayed at a Coastal Town  in the North Island  we fancied a hit so we visited the local Tennis Club where we met the Local Club Pro, we paid our 10 bucks, and after a hit we chatted with the Pro about the state of Tennis in NZ, we asked if he was a Registered Coach with NZ Tennis, the reply was’ no way mate ‘I keep away from that organisation’. I got on the phone when we returned from our holiday and asked the same question of several Coaches throughout NZ, and sadly received similar comments. Coaches in this Country, want nothing to do with the National Body!, not all Coaches that is, but I’m guessing 90%. How many Coaches are actually registered?. NZ Tennis would have a better idea of the exact numbers, just go to Find a Coach, and see how many coaches there are for your area, very few if any!. Coaches see no benefit in being registered,’what’s in it for me’, scenario. So Mr Johns and Mr Patterson, wouldn't it be better to put some time and effort into finding solutions to the sorry state of Tennis in this Country,rather then sipping Champagne in Paris?.

Tony Osborne

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Murray comes of Age

Just a few comments re Andy Murray's Wimbledon win. I have to say that Murray was prepared to do what ever to win and he was like a human backboard as he dismantled Djokovic's game and broke him mentally.Murray ran down and retrieved Novak's best shots , causing Novak to go for more winners as he became impatient 42 unforced errors will not win you a Wimbledon Final.Murray diffused Djokovic's serve returning a high percentage of first serves.  Djokovic failed to attack Murray's second serve and Murray knew he could just put it in the box without Djoker taking any attack to it.Murray outserved Djoker and won the Ace battle 9-4.Murray's two hander was outstanding as was his deft slice backhands.Novak tried to come to the net and drop shots in the last set to try to break up Murray , this really played into Murray's hand as there was no way these tactics would win the final.Some critisize Andy for being to passive but he also won the winners hit 36-31.Murray is a tough player, he has worked hard and he has learned a lot from losing previous finals.On this form it will be hard to to stop him gaining more grand slam titles in the future.I have to mention mother Judy as much as she irritates me sometimes in the players box.She has been the driving force and no doubt sacrificed a lot to get her son to where he is. I have found a very good article re Judy on line Click HERE

A good tip for juniors , keep your eye on the ball like Andy Murray below!

Murray eyes on the ball. photo murrayonball.gif