Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Its Ok To be a pusher

I need to republish this post , recently I heard comments which relates to this subject! Wrote this in 2012.....

This is my first post for some time and I hope to get back with more regular entry's.Through out my coaching career I have heard parents and players use the excuse of losing a match to the fact their opposition is a pusher...What is a tennis pusher? Tennis pushers are the types of players that do not play glamorous tennis, yet they are able to win tennis matches through their keen use of tennis strategy and placement.The player and their parent have to get over the loss and not just put it down to the "pusher they played" and work out why they were able to beat little " Johnny or Mary" Usually this type of player has the ability to make their opponents play one more shot..keeps the ball deep and doe not make errors. They dont have the attacking skills of a Federer and not able to hit winners at will but play a very conservative game.To often players write this loss off to a "pusher" as an excuse and they must address their shortcomings.I often here Parents say " oh he was just a pusher that's why he/she beat my child, who would want to play like that." Hello Mum and Dad! a tennis match is all about winning! Obviously that player had the correct game and tactics to beat your rising star who obviously does not like hitting lots of shots and try's to finish the point to quickly.Tennis pushers are usually dreaded opponents because they seem to make you beat yourself. Im guessing in the pro men's David Ferrer or Bernard Tomic could be called a pusher, Ferrer makes you play a lot of balls, hes fast and has good control, Tomic is unorthodox hits slices, slower balls , drop-shots etc. So many of us have lost to these sort of players and they leave the court shaking their heads wondering how they could of lost to a player like that.

The "eyes" tips for success against a so called Pusher.

1. Keep your feet moving! You have to work harder no pace on the ball makes you make the play , slow footwork will not work against a person who gets the ball back with no pace.

2.Be patient the "put away shot will eventually come" keep control and make the player work hard eventually your power game will force a short shot for the winner.

3.A smart pusher will try to get in your head space! They will thrive on your negative body language or the verbal comments "this guys a pusher!" the more they see your frustration the more they will keep doing what they are doing!

Its true no one likes playing a "pusher" follow a game plan and stick to it and you should come out on top, often players self destruct with frustration .Keep your focus on winning the match let nothing distract you.And for all you pushers out there! Keep doing what you have to do to get a win!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Certainly would like to hear more

Yesterday I received a comment on my blog. I certainly have not been active lately  as with Tennis in NZ especially at the top area of the game and Admin it seems like you hit your head against a brick wall.However I will post this comment and will follow up

"Hi Steve, I recommend you speak to the parents of 2 of the girls who are no longer with Tennis NZ. Believe me, they have the inside scoop and it is not pretty. And what is with the recent selection they have made for a play-off tournament to win a trip to Singapore? No sign of our top players?? Is this because they want to guarantee that their precious elite kids win the prize? Looking at the calibre of kids they have selected, Tennis NZ is going to be the laughing stock of the tennis world. "

If anyone else can follow up on recent selections and current high performance program please contact me, You can find me on facebook, email or leave a comment on this post.

In general readers are you happy with the state of the game? Coaching ? this blog always attracts a lot of attention so happy to air views and follow up and make my own comments.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios: I have sex before a big game even if you should abstain from it

Long Time no see everyone! I have had good intentions to write but lacked motivation , so here I am and hopefully back to give you some news and opinions.

With the French Open on I bet everyone is interested in this Article.Yep really puts tennis right out there!Read the article HERE

I mean can you imagine Rodger Federer coming out with this! Lets face it Rodger is so perfect i could imagine him having the immaculate conception , and nick.... he has 4 kids to prove he has had sex...Well I certainly enjoyed reading the comments .Here are a few for your enjoyment.

I am prepared to give Nick the benefit of the doubt , I am disillusioned with mainstream media. If true Nick save these comments for the bedroom, I am only interested in watching you play tennis.