Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kids Tennis Game

I thought I would share you this warm up or wind down game for younger juniors.I call this game lost sheep ,its a court awareness game teaching the juniors the names of the lines of the tennis court.As you can see watching the video as many kids get "lost" in their search for the correct line, hence the name

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Novak does it again.

Novak Djokovic proved again he is the best tennis player in the World by defeating a gallant Rafael Nadal.The Djoker was always talented now he has been able to focus and control his skills.Mentally he matched it with Nadal and in the end he broke the Spaniard by repelling a Nadal comeback taking the 4th set and the match 6-1.Nadal now knows what Federer felt like when Nadal stopped him successive grandslam finals.Nadal is competitive and it will be interesting to see how Nadal sets out to combat and defeat this new and improved player. In yesterday's post I summed up pretty well the danger for Nadal and his serve was going to be a key part.Here is a section of his post match interview.

Q. That long game in the second set, I think game three, how deflating was that on your serve to not come out of that when you put the overhead in the net?

RAFAEL NADAL: I keep fighting. I fighted a lot to come back in the second. I was ready to accept the challenges and to accept the problems. The problem is, I told you, I didn’t have free points. The serve didn’t help me. I didn’t start the points with an advantage tonight with my serve. That’s a lot. So I don’t think I need an ace or a winner serve, because I think I have enough good forehand later to have the control of the point. But a lot of times I started the point in the worst position than him when I was serving. So that’s tough.

Nadal will be striving to improve his game , and the serve is going to be a key, if he is to ever beat Novak again.Can Novak maintain his focus ,Im tipping him to continue his dominance, he has raised the bar , its up to the rest and Nadal to raise theirs also.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Stosur comes of age!

What a win for Aussie Sam Stosur today over Serena Williams in the US Open Ladies singles final.Who tipped that? certainly not me and before I write more I have to say I am eating a large slice of Humble pie , well make it the whole pie!I never thought Stosur would lift the silver ware at a grandslam, her game today was outstanding she had to play at her best to win and she did , she surpassed her best she was incredible.As I have written previous I do not think Stosur's backhand was Grandslam material today it was brilliant and a key to her win.When she had to defend she used her slice backhand,executing the short dropshot and angle forcing Serena to come in and then passing her with her forehand.She served extremely well today and was aggressive on Serena's second serve.Congratulations Sam Stosur you proved your critics wrong including me! A huge boost for tennis in Australia.

I am looking forward to the Men's Final Between Nadal and Djokovic.One would say on previous encounters this year Djokovic is favorite.Nadal must be strong mentally he can not afford to let the Djokovic game get to him, he must go in with a game plan.If he hits to short the Djoker will make him pay, can he afford to run around his backhand for his favorite forehand?  he has tried this and Djoker has nailed him to the open court.Nadal has to serve well , he is always going to have to scrap more on his service games as unlike Djokovic there wont be as many free points on his service game, Novak has the bigger serve.Nadal to tame his Demons (Djokovic) and I am tipping him to take the title yet again.

I followed with interest the Junior singles,The Girls won by Grace Min USA who in fact was unseeded , I feel sorry for the second seed who Min beat first round.Min is only 5'4 and did not drop a set the whole tournament.As I said before ITF points and ranking are no clear indication where you really sit amongst your peers.Min has been playing more Challenger Woman's tourney's than junior events recently.Madison Keys from the USA and 12th seed bombed out early after good results in the Open section, an indication how far she was going to go in the girls event was a struggling first round win over Fanning from New Zealand.The boys was won by British Junior Oliver Golding who was the 13th seed over top seed Jiri Vesley CZE.The brits junior program is looking good with some great talent both Boys and Girls!