Sunday, October 21, 2012

Davis Cup Chinese Taipei Vs NZ- Postcards from the edge

The New Zealand Davis Cup team has been beaten in its Asia/Oceania Group I relegation playoff against Taiwan in Taipei this evening. The home team scored a 3-1 overall victory over the Kiwis with a win in the first of the reverse singles sealing the result as Liang-Chi Huang defeated Dan King-Turner 3-6 6-7(4) 1-6. After losing the opening two singles matches on the first day King-Turner and Rubin Statham kept the Kiwis in the clash with a four set victory in the doubles to take the contest live into the final day and the first of the reverse singles. Huang ranked at 353 won the first set 6-3 but then King-Turner with an ATP ranking of 357 worked his way to a 5-1 lead in the second set, including a set point before the home player came back to win in the tiebreak and then wrap up the match 6-1 in the third set. The loss means that after a year back in the strong Group I of Asia/Oceania in Davis Cup New Zealand now drops to Group II and will play Lebanon, away in February 2013.Pictured above is Bassam Beidas  who plays for Lebanon ...a little trivia when Head Coach in Egypt the eye worked with Bassam.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Davis Cup Chinese Taipai 2 New Zealand 0

New Zealand will need a miracle and are facing a debacle and the 2XU Compression  team is fast becoming the 2XU Depression team. Davis Cup Captain Marcel Vos did not play New Zealands top ranked player Jose Statham on the first day electing for Michael Venus ranked some 237 places lower on the ATP rankings.Again the New Zealand High performance team was outsmarted by the opposition , they used a calculator to work out their rankings, they offered the New Zealand Davis cup captain use of the device but he said he could work out their rankings in his head....Jin-Ji Ding a ling said he could work out that the players picked did not add up how could he get 237 difference so wrong i guess he ran out of toes and fingers! Mi-hit out and Mi-hit -in lead the crowd with "hey hey .....goodbye" and "hit the road jack ..."famous taiwanese chants .As we know in tennis its not over till its over and maybe the high performance team can get it together.

Taiwan 2 New Zealand 0
Yang Tsung-hua (TPE) bt Daniel King-Turner (NZL) 4-6, 6-0, 6-3, 7-6(2)
Huang Liang-chi (TPE) bt Michael Venus (NZL) 6-4, 7-6(0), 6-3

Friday, October 19, 2012

Update Score NZ VS Taiwan


Sorry for the Delay however my reporter on the ground Jin-Ji-Din a Ling had to charge his mobile phone. He also sent the text in taiwanese! So I had to Google translate ....and its bad news for New Zealand. Mi -Hit- In and Mi- Hit -out was also busy( they are in charge of catering and taiwanesefanatics) they had run out of Zhuxuegao (豬血糕).  Made from pigs blood and rice, this is a local delicacy and an acquired taste. and had to call the local McDonald's to bring around some cheeseburgers. Marcel  ( DC captain)was not impressed as this seemed to cause a disturbance and break Danny KTs concentration especially after he won the first set. Any how below is the Google translate.

The New Zealand Davis Cup team has had a tough start to its Asia/Oceania Group I relegation playoff tie against Taiwan in Taipei with Dan King-Turner going down in the first singles 6-4 0-6 3-6 6-7(4) to Tsung-Hua Yang.
King-Turner went into the match with a ranking of 357 while Yang is ranked 236 in the world.
In the second singles Michael Venus was expected to face 201st ranked Ti Chen however he has been substituted by his team captain and Venus will now play Lian-Chi Huang ranked at 353.- Jin-Ji Ding a ling


The eye has again secured on the ground reporters for the important Davis Cup tie New Zealand vs Taiwan.The draw and order of play for New Zealand’s Asia/Oceania Group I relegation playoff Davis Cup tie against Taiwan has been confirmed with Kiwi No2 ranked player Dan King-Turner to start the clash against Tsung-Hua Yang. Jin Jai Ding a Ling reports Taiwan are super confident they have their  lower ranked players playing whilst their top ranked players Jimmy Wang and Yen Hsun Lu are believed to be playing a social doubles against Bhupathi and Paes of India.

New Zealand has a 3-0 record against Taiwan and the loser of the tie will play Lebonan in the who cares group.Mi-Hit In and her mother Mi-Hit Out are in charge of local cheer squadS who have modelled themselves on the AustraliaN Fanatics with chants like



I have made sure that the reporters do not get confused with the New Zealand Davis Cup captain, Indian reporters confused Marcel Marceau and Tennis Coach Marcel Voss.I am sure the NZ high Performance team is quietly confident although they class themselves as the underdogs.Mi-Hit-In and Mi-Hit -Out are in charge of catering also and although the stadium holds 500 capacity anything over 50 spectators will be a bonus.Jin Jai Ding A Ling will be texting me live scores so I hope to keep readers updated.Reports that the surface will be a Fast Hard court and should suit the New Zealanders although Jose Statham performs best on Clay Courts ( he is the Number 1 player for NZ) There is still time to change his name to " Jose "Pistol Pete" Sampras/Statham to try to fool his opponents.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Uncle Tony Nadal Says Coaches to nice to their players

Toni Nadal: "Many coaches are too servile with the players" 

'Without wishing to criticize, I see there are coaches who are too servile to the players. I see they run to hand them the water bottle or run to string their racket . That is not the case with me".

'I see what some players answer to their coaches and I can't believe it. With Rafa, the relationship is well defined. I'm the uncle but on the court I'm the coach and I make the difference clear. That relationship was always clear. And the secret is I am passionate about his success".

“(Nadal) is a correct and well brought up kid, very obediente, who let himself be guided. Intensity is Rafa’s salient feature. It isn’t that he trains more, but he does do it with more intensity. To me, that is key to his level”.

“The mind is fundamental in tennis, because mistakes are punished. In football, you miss three passes and the score a goal and you can be the best player of the match. I taught Rafa that it isn’t like that in tennis, because you do pay (for mistakes)”.

“The mind is trained too, not only the body. Since he was a kid, I never allowed him any dejection gestures”.

“Anyone who thinks himself special is not right in the head”.

“My nephew plays well at tennis, but he doesn’t think he’s a special being or superior to others. He’s polite and has his feet on the ground. Rafa suffered a lot when his parents separated, he suffers if he has an argument with his girlfriend, like anyone else”.

About Argentinian players “Del Potro has huge potencial. An injury cut the good streak he has in 2010, but he’s a complete player and I highlight his serve and his forehand”.

About Juan Mónaco, one of the “two or three best friends” of Nadal in the circuit “he improved a lot this year, though he lacks ‘punch’ is key moments. Rafa is very hapy about the moment Pico is going through”.

David Nalbandián “is of the tennis players with most class in the whole circuit. His return is incredible and it’s a pleasure to watch him play, because of how complete he is”.

The eye agree's with Uncle Tony ....but Blood is thicker than water and Rafa and Tony are family.Too often players and especially parents run to other coaches when some basic truths and training ethics are told and enforced.Time eventually does tell and Rafa is the only player on the tour that has had his coach from junior days to current.Most Coaches adapt to the pay check at the end of the rainbow.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Where is the depth of World Junior Tennis

Very interesting ITF stat's .From the above 15 selected countries we find USA and RUSSIA leading the way with Juniors in the top 250 .USA has 51 whilst Russia 39.Spain only has 9 - 7 boys and 2 girls.Great Britain has 22 - 16 boys and 6 girls.Of course whether the junior players can transgress to the Pro senior tour is the key.All stat's are boy and girl combined. France has 14 - 13 boys and just 1 girl. Russia's Break down is 15 boys and 24 girls whilst the USA is 19 boys and 32 girls!Canada has 10 4 boys and 6 girls.Will we see a resurgence by the USA based on these numbers?New Zealand has 1 boy and 1 girl  in the top 250.