Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Missing in Action- New Zealand Under 14 Junior Teams at Asia Zone Playoffs for World Champs!

The Australian 14-and-under junior boys’ team of Alexei Popyrin (NSW), Alex de Minaur (NSW) and Kody Pearson (NSW) have defeated India to finish in first place at the Asia/Oceania World Junior Tennis qualifying event in Malaysia at the weekend.In the play-off for first to eighth position, Australia saw off Korea and Thailand before beating India 2-0, with de Minaur beating India’s Alex Solanki in three sets before Popyrin sealed the win with a three-set defeat of Nitin Kumar Sinha.Australia, India, Japan and Thailand qualified for the World Junior Tennis finals in Prostejov, Czech Republic (5-10 August 2013) after reaching the semifinals of the Asia/Oceania qualifier, and thus finishing as the top four nations in the competition.So great result for Australia and the girls event is now being played as we speak. The question I have why this year have we no New Zealand 14 and under teams in this event. This would be the first time for a number of years New Zealand has not entered. These events are important pathways for National development.

The World Junior Tennis competition was started by the ITF in 1991. In the inaugural year, 12 nations were nominated to take part with Spain boys and Czechoslovakia girls emerging the overall winners.

The format changed in 1992 when regional qualifying events were introduced, a system that is still used today with the top teams reaching the Finals.

The Finals were held in Japan until 1998, but the following year they were moved to the clay court venue of TK Plus Centre in Prostejov, Czech Republic. This venue continues to be used today.

A number of the past participants have gone on to become household names on the ATP and WTA tours. Former winners in the boys' event include Rafael Nadal, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, David Nalbandian and Richard Gasquet, while Justine Henin, Kim Clijsters, Amelie Mauresmo, Daniela Hantuchova and Vera Zvonareva have all appeared in the girls' event.
To my surprise Tennis New Zealand has not sent teams for our Asia Zone qualifications.I feel sorry for all those hard working juniors that would have been selected for their National Team.They and their parents are investing huge amounts of money to their child's career and by not sending a team is a slap in the face to parents and juniors.
If there is a valid reason I would like to know, is it funding? Maybe instead of moving offices TNZ could of invested in the players of the future by staying put at Scarbro,and saving the expense to move . But of course they relocated to the Millennium Institute of Sport to produce top athletes!.One would of thought that while the powers that be congregated around the water coolers at their lush new offices they would make sure events such as these are on the Development Pathway.
There maybe a logical reason why no teams went.....I am one that would like to know the reason!
Below are the final standings ....looking at the countries that participated our juniors needed to be there!
Match overview of 13 April 2013


WJT Boys (B14) - BOYS PLAY-OFF 1st-8thAustralia [4]Australia-IndiaIndia [2]2-0Main Location - 8

WJT Boys (B14) - BOYS PLAY-OFF 1st-8thThailand [3]Thailand-JapanJapan [1]1-2Main Location - 6

WJT Boys (B14) - BOYS PLAY-OFF 1st-8thHong Kong [6]Hong Kong-ChinaChina [5]1-2Main Location - 7

WJT Boys (B14) - BOYS PLAY-OFF 1st-8thKorea [7]Korea-Chinese TaipeiChinese Taipei [8]2-0Main Location - 4

WJT Boys (B14) - BOYS PLAY-OFF 9th-16thVietnamVietnam-IndonesiaIndonesia1-2Main Location - 5

WJT Boys (B14) - BOYS PLAY-OFF 9th-16thUzbekistanUzbekistan-MalaysiaMalaysia2-0Main Location - 1

WJT Boys (B14) - BOYS PLAY-OFF 9th-16thKazakhstanKazakhstan-SingaporeSingapore0-2Main Location - 2

WJT Boys (B14) - BOYS PLAY-OFF 9th-16thPhilippinesPhilippines-PakistanPakistan2-1Main Location - 3

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The traffic on the blog has been for me surprising.It is increasing in readers and visitors world wide.It attracts comments far and wide. Kiwi Great Chris Lewis left this comment on the Tennis Player Pathway Article."Paul McNamee is 100 per cent correct. It should not be the role of a national body to sever successful relationships between private coaches and their students; the proper role of a national body should be to support and nurture those relationships. There is no surer way to minimize a nation’s chances of producing champions than to alienate the entire private coaching community by effectively declaring war on them. Tennis Australia’s divisive and, as Paul points out, fatally flawed approach to junior development does, though, have one redeeming feature; namely, it provides a superb model for guaranteed future success as all one would have to do is implement the exact opposite of every one of its failed and failing policies." 

New Zealand needs input from former players like Lewis , of course if you have success  as a player and a coach there is always a culture that is very much thriving here on the local scene and that is to get rid of individuals with strong opinions and a history of success.

I enjoy looking at the stats on my blog especially how visitors come to land on the site.It may be a word such as "Middle Finger"or it could be a name like Serena Williams. The search engines then display articles and often listings to The Tigers Eye.

It also shows stats for repeat visitors as well as unique visitors , country and city.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


More news from the Pakistan and New Zealand farce with a reporter stating these remarks

"The reason is very simple, the Australia-New Zealand connection forced the referee to forfeit the tie in New Zealand favour. When this correspondent contacted Pakistan camp in Myanmar to know the actual position, the sources confirmed that it was looking the said official was not hired by the ITF, as he was giving all out support to New Zealand."

"The sources further revealed that the referee didn't bother to take advice from the ground staff, as there was a very minor 1½ inch hole appeared in the surface, which could have been easily be repaired or the referee could have given that particular match to New Zealand and the next matches should have started today, but referee was in a hurry to allocate the tie to Kiwis.The New Zealand team management immediately flew their two players back to New Zealand to kill any chance of the matches to take place again."

"The ITF should have kept in mind the link between the referee and New Zealand before hiring the guy for such a prestigious event."

"The culprit referee should be banned for life for bringing the game into dispute and either the tie should be continue from same position or the tie should be awarded to Pakistan."

READ THIS FULL UNBIASED ARTICLE HERE.( And I used the word unbiased as tongue in cheek)

Davis Cup Debacle New Zealand defeats Pakistan by Default!

The New Zealand Davis Cup team has been controversially awarded a victory against Pakistan in their Asia/Oceania Group II second round contest at the neutral venue, Pun Hlaing Golf and Country Club in Yangon, Myanmar.During the second match on day one, ITF referee Asitha Attygalla, from Sri Lanka, called the contest off and gave the result to New Zealand as a result of the court being unplayable.There was a hole by the baseline which New Zealand team captain Alistair Hunt said was "about an inch deep and half a foot wide".For Hunt and the team the situation is unusual and quite a challenge in the fact they have won a Davis Cup tie 4-1, but have played only one full match.Earlier, Artem Sitak had lost the first singles 7-5 3-6 6-2 7-5 to Aqeel Khan in a contest played in extreme heat. Hunt said Sitak struggled to get his footing right for serving where the hole was on the court.

"It definitely affected Artem. It was just behind the baseline and he had to change his footing for his serving. I've never seen anything like this in 25 years of Davis Cup. It was dangerous and someone was going to hurt themselves. We weren't the ones complaining. It was totally the referee's decision."
As for the Kiwis and their remaining days in Myanmar, Hunt says it's just a case of keeping quiet. "It's been a very average week of Davis Cup, we're just keeping our heads down. It's not entirely great over here."
The second singles had been fairly close between Dan King-Turner and Asiam Qureshi, with the Pakistan player winning the first set 6-3 and then the New Zealander the second 6-3. Qureshi led 3-0 in the third set when the contest was called off.
Eyes correspondent Mr Iquibal Was-it In has sent this report.
"Goodness Gracious Mr Eye The news is All Bad for Pakistan.Referee Asthma pulled up stumps when Dan King Turner had his big toe caught in the hole in the baseline.Earlier our hero Aqeel Khan ranked 1500 and who cares  in the world defeated Mr Sitak a full time touring pro.Mr Khan really plays as a hobby and to help Pakistan who has even less funding available than the New Zealanders.The small crowd knew somthing was up when Team New Zealand threw an underarm delivery at the Ref.For me I knew Mr Hunt the NZ Davis Cup Captain was worried he had dropped his mobile phone a number of times during the first match.Mr Marcel Marceau was making a lot of signs with his hands and fingers directed at the Ref Mr Asthma.Thank you Mr Eye for pointing out that I was calling the old CEO of New Zealand tennis Mr Stan Walker and I should try to voice any  protest to the Current CEO Mr Steve Johns as he has had experience in lifesaving be it in the water and he may feel sympathy for Pakistan.As you can imagine Mr Eye Groundsman Was-he-a-dick was devestated he made a statement in Pakastani that I can not repeat in english!Number 1 New Zealand Player who thrashed our players last time did not travel to play Mr Statham is not happy with some New Zealand officials and after today I can understand why.Mr Hunt and his team knew there was only one way out of winning this match and that was to appeal to Mr Asthma who delivered the knockout blow!My friend Mr Alifarku said this was not in the spirit of the game,New Zealand said that the ball was doing different things for their players but he pointed out to the High Performance team that Pakistan players hit the same ball on the same court.Obviously the High Performance team could not comprehend this and looked blank when questioned why this freak of nature was just happening to their players.Mr Eye Pakistan tennis and its supporters are protesting this decision , as they offered to repair the small patch in question .This protest will be heard by the ITF. It is with a sadden Heart I make my last report to you Mr Eye but will keep your readers informed on any news regards to our protest.----Iquibal Was-it In

Friday, April 5, 2013

New Zealand Vs Pakistan : Davis Cup


New Zealand won't just have Pakistan to deal with in their Davis Cup tie that starts in Myanmar tonight, they'll also have to deal with an appalling court surface that's far below acceptable quality.

This second round Asia Oceania Group 2 tie was supposed to be held in Pakistan, but because of security concerns the International Tennis Federation gave Pakistan the option of moving the tie to a neutral country or allowing New Zealand to host it.

The Pakistan Tennis Federation wanted to play the tie on grass, believing their players had an advantage, so they settled on taking it to the Pun Hlaing Golf & Country Club in Yangon, a venue that has a few tennis courts to keep its rich members happy.

While it's all well and good for the club's midweek ladies to have a wobble around on a Wednesday afternoon, New Zealand Davis Cup captain Alistair Hunt says it will make it tougher to win a tie that the Kiwis should take comfortably.

I as usual have an on the ground reporter Tennis Correspondent Mr Iquibal Was-it In who sends this from the tie.

"Thank you Mr Eye for giving me the chance to report and I have asked only the people in the know who they think will win the tie. I called the CEO of New Zealand Tennis Mr Stan Walker and he said go fly a kite as he had no time to comment as he was busy with the X factor! He said he knows nothing! Thank you Mr Stan Walker!I tried to get a answer from Mr Hunt the Davis Cup Captain and he was too busy on the mobile phone!!Davis Cup Coach Marcel Marceau gave no speech and just replied with his middle finger.I took it that he thought Pakistan would win 1 match.I dont think so Mr Marcel ,I wanted the Pakistan Opinion so I asked the groundsman Was-he-a-dick and I said NZ said the court was not very good! He said that all players have arms and legs ..its the same bounce for everyone.I wanted to be fair so I arranged for some New Zealand sheep to keep the grass in control.I did not know what this meant but then I saw Marcus Daniel and Dan king Turner practising with Mr Sitak carrying some water for the players.I called out 'how you going boys"where's your number 1 player Mr Statham and they told me to go "ride a bike"it was not bike they really said but I cannot say Mr eye what they truley said but i know one was to ask Mr Stan Walker where Mr Statham was. Mr Aisamul Haq Qureshi said no comment he would let his raquet do the talking.Mr Khan said he is the weakest Pakistani player but would do his best for his country. Well Mr Eye I hope all is well and their are lots of positives happening in your country , I have been impressed with the Cricket Team! ---MR IQUIBAL WAS-IT-IN

Just received a text from  Iquibal " Mr Eye! News and its all bad for New Zealand
A. Khan defeated A.Sitak(nz) 7/5 3/6 6/2 7/5