Saturday, October 30, 2010

Player Alert

Keep an eye out for Australian Junior Ashleigh Barty.Barty just won the ITF Yonex LTAT in Thailand.I have always said that do not pay too much attention to Junior ITF rankings as many have over inflated points .Barty started the tournament ranked 381 and came through the qualifying to main draw.This event included New Zealander Emily Fanning seeded 8 who was beaten by Aussie Abbey Myers in the second round.Barty dominated the field winning 6-2 6-2 R1 6-3 6-4 R2 6-1 6-0 R3 6-1 6-0 QF 6-1 6-0 SF and the winning the final
6-3 6-0 over Lin ZHU (china) .Barty is a 1996 birthdate and was one of the youngest in the field.Barty is definitely a player to watch out for in the future.

Full results can be found at this LINK

Various Tennis Activities

Tennis season is GO ! GO! GO! lots of different activities ,today I ran an ID day with 26 youngsters from across South Canterbury.We finished the activities with a lolly scramble , great to see such enjoyment, I was assisted by Dino and Gabrielle whilst Tony the Development officer welcomed parents and participants.

Ran into a rather interesting tennis player in Fairlie and the below picture this character is joined by some of the Mackenzie College students.Sunday I am at the courts again with local players plus visitors from North Otago and Darfield.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Tennis Family ---Snap Snap

What a great start to the week with this clever Gif spoof on the Addams Family replacing them with the current top men from the ATP tour. Federer indeed makes a great Gomez and Agassi is perfect as Uncle Fester and Rafa as Wednesday .I found this on the web and would credit the maker if i had the details, but well done to the creator.

tennis family

Monday, October 25, 2010

Selection Dilemma !

Being involved as a Coach and selector for local rep matches can be a nightmare as you confront a whole series of issues why players are unavailable.There is nothing new to issues such as injury's, family weddings, cannot afford the time off school and psychological factors or just could not be bothered which I must say is very rare.Nothing surprises me, however it is still disappointing to deal with what is an age old problem.Injury's I guess you can't help and one must not dwell too much on these, its the other factors that one tires of.Tennis is an individual sport and its in this environment the selfish factor is brought to the forefront.It can be simply the parents don't want their child to lose in a head to head match up with a particular opponent during the team event and this can lead into a list of excuses non tennis related, one a coach just does not want to deal with.Some players have gone well and above the call of duty to play events ,one player had major surgery on their back and played the team event serving underarm and winning vital rubbers to secure an overall team victory.I say where there is a will there is a way and yes you might not be at your best sometimes but you do it for the team.This post is no way singling anyone out... its a fact Coach and selectors have to deal with every time one picks a team however try looking at the other side once in a while and remember tennis sometimes is a Team Sport.You know Juniors who are involved with rep sport must know that at a certain level you have to commit. Sometimes events clash and sacrifices must be made.As a Pro Coach I expect parents and players to realize that you cannot be in two places at once and the right choice is made for the good of the team. Just as in other rep sport tennis requires the same support!.Just remember when unavailable have a good excuse ready because I have heard them all , I don't mind legit but honestly I have not come down in the last rain shower for most. What I have noticed in the current generation the sense of pride playing for your region is met with mediocre outlook.I could go on but I'm afraid I face a losing battle , I admire and respect those that you can continue to count on.Whilst this is not relevant I can remember an old coach saying that if you were in the trenches of Normandy in WW2 you hope your team mate that gives it their all on the playing field is the guy you want next to you in those trenches .. a mate you can rely on on when the going gets tough.Commitment does start pre season!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ashburton Update

George Tarbotton pictured above top had a good win against Dougal Halifax 6-4 6-3 and will play Kye Lee from Canterbury in his next match. Duncan Rollinson pictured bottom has continued his winning way in the 8s and will play the final tomorrow.Ben Deeley also showed good form winning his first round in the boys 10's.Jack Deeley will play tomorrow in the 12s in what has been a curious scheduling of a three day tournament .

Meanwhile in Auckland Anabel Ellis has scored a win in her second pool match defeating Erasmus from Canterbury 6-2 6-4.Great conditions abound still in Ashburton however as we know weather in New Zealand can be perfect but change as quick as you can say "double fault".

Ashburton Junior Tournament

In Ashburton today to watch South Canterbury Juniors participate in the Long Weekend Tournament.I hate to say I first visited a Junior tournament in Ashburton some 20 years ago when I took a group of Australian juniors to New Zealand.Back then the complex was all grass , now its one of the best tennis centers in the South Island with 14 Hard courts.The above picture is of Rebecca Gill ready to play her next match.Rebecca played the 4th seed Anastasiya Korzh of Christchurch but went down in a close battle 6-4 7-6.Charlotte Lamb lost her first round match , Hugh Rollinson battled to win a tough three setter whilst younger brother Duncan had a win in his first round of the 8s.The Deely brothers Jack and Ben will be in action later today as well as George Tarbotton.

Annabel Ellis is in Auckland playing the Masters series which is top 8 for each age group .Annabel is first years 14 and will have some tough matches over the three days.Annabel went down 3 and 0 in her first match today.

Above is Annabel sending down at serve at training.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

I have been leading the Schools Tennis Program in South Canterbury and it never ceases to amaze me the enthusiasm that greets us at each school.The Above picture is our Group for St Jo's Fairlie .Thursdays see us delivering the program to over 160 students in the Fairlie region.Participants this year are St Jo's Fairlie, Fairlie Primary, Mackenzie College and Albury. 

After a hectic day up country its back to the Tennis Center for Tennis South Canterbury squad , the 14s and 16s age group are in action on Thursday's. Below I have posted shots taken yesterday at the center.Gabrielle Grady is pictured working with talented 8 year old Duncan Rollinson, Dino Ilecic leads a fitness session and Sam Lane is stylish on serve.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Loads of talent

Some action shots of Tennis South Canterbury junior squads , above are our talented 10s team whilst below are the 12s. Great to see the rebuilding of junior girl participants and more will be added shortly to our programs.
Some great shots of Oscar Acland (left) and Hugh Rollinson (right) in action from Monday's squads.

Thanks to Basil Valentine for his nice comment on my last post. Basil ( or is that his internet nick ) visited my site from the South Canterbury page and obviously Basil stops by a little looking at how many visits they have made :)

Below is a picture of where people have visited me from over the past few weeks and as you can see my Blog is read all over the world.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aussie Open Tennis Tour with the Eye!

For New Zealander's only , come and join us for the first week of the Australian open just drop me an email for a detailed itinerary

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Coaches

Each Summer I have been lucky to have young tennis coaches from all parts of the world assist over the summer with our tennis program here in South Canterbury.What a great opportunity for young people with tennis in their blood to visit and do something that they love in another part of the world.Recent Summer's have seen Hector Garcia from Mexico,Tyler Begg from Canada and Jeff West from Dallas Texas. All have been very popular here in South Canterbury and each coach has left a lasting impression on the young tennis players of the area.I wish I had done this at their age getting vital life experience in different country's.Pictured left is Dino Ilecic who joins us this year from Sweden.Click HERE to read today's Timaru Herald's story on Dino!This year we have also former outstanding local Junior Gabrielle Grady one of the area's best performed junior tennis players.Gabrielle is here for the term and will depart January on a tennis scholarship to Jacksonville Florida a reward for her tennis dedication. Gabrielle has also coached in Auckland with Gary Swinkels in junior holiday programs. Gabrielle also was part of Tennis New Zealand project Europe spending training in Spain. Her experience will also be very valuable to the coaching this summer.Below is a picture of Gabrielle and Dino decked out in ASB shirts who are big supporters of Tennis South Canterbury.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting to the Top in Tennis is Tough!

ITF junior tournaments have their place in a promising junior tennis player’s pathway to the top. However one can get lost in the quest for rankings points. I have to comment again on ITF junior rankings and how inaccurate they can be and give no real indication where you sit really in the tennis world. One has to look deeper in the point’s race and how a player accumulated those remembering singles and doubles points combine to give you an individual ranking. Also take into account which side of the world you gained most of your points and how many ITF junior events did you play. There are many juniors around the world with not so high ITF rankings but are more talented than a lot that appear in the top 50.If your goal is to get a College scholarship a high ITF ranking will assure you get a highly ranked American College. National Bodies can also reward their players on reaching top 100 and can receive funding for their Junior ITF players. Just to show you how Mickey Mouse results can be in the Juniors I will give some examples. A New Zealand Junior earlier this week was reported to be the highest ranked junior in Australasia (102), and that in itself should send alarm bells ringing in Australia. Looking deeper into results is important when assessing current standings. Losses at the last 7 tournaments were to players ranked, 47, 125, 212, 78, 110, 550, and 479 with three of those losses to girls from Australasia. However it is good to see players such as this testing themselves overseas but I question whether it should be in Cairo Egypt and maybe should be Spain or the USA.

Another New Zealand Junior ranked 132 went into the u18 Boy’s Canadian World ranking tournament this week as top seed. Lost first round to a player from the USA ranked 691.

Jack Sock winner of the boys U18 US OPEN singles title went into this event unseeded. These results are common to a lot of Junior events my advice is don’t get too hung up on ITF rankings test yourself with Futures and Challengers if your potential is there to do this, choose your tournament program wisely , don’t look at points you could get but more on the strength of the tournament. If you are going to make it as a top pro tennis player you will survive playing stronger events , playing weaker events certainly will give you ranking points in the Junior ITF grade! will they transgress to the senior ranks? , I hardly think so!

Tennis is a job for pro players and for many the best they will do is hovering the 350-250 mark .In the real world if you held a Job and performed at this level for 5 years your boss should have fired you by now. If you were running as a business there is so many years of loss you can cope before you go under.
Getting to the top in Tennis is Tough!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School Holiday Tennis Camps

Above are more pictures from the South Canterbury Region.Enthusiastic children at Temuka and Geraldine.Bottom left is Gabrielle Grady and Dino Ilecic who are assisting the coaching department this year.Nice weather certainly makes it more enjoyable for all concerned coaches and participants.

Monday, October 4, 2010

On The Road Again

Pictured above are kids from Geraldine and Temuka enjoying a Tennis camp we are conducting during the School Holidays at each location.Also above bottom right is new coach Dino Ilecic who has arrived from Sweden to coach tennis with our team over the summer.More about Dino soon .Canterbury Spring Open is being held this week and Annabel Ellis is leading the way with wins today in the 14s age group.I will update this event later this week.

And looks like another player swap with a former New Zealand Junior being listed as Australian.

Women's Final Round Qualifying: Rachel Tredoux (AUS) d Chelsea TeTai (AUS) 5-7 6-3 6-1#Portpirieprotour


Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 2 Highlights- South Canterbury Junior Spring Open Tennis Tournament

A very successful tournament finished today and lots of tennis was provided for competitors from as far a field as Australia.Col and Lynne Maher are frequent visitors to the area.Col a tennis Coach from Young NSW Australia brought 8 Aussie junior tennis players to compete in our tournament and will move on to play Canterbury in Christchurch.Its a great experience for youngsters to visit another country and I am sure a trip like this will be invaluable to their life experience in years to come.You can find all the results here at this LINK
The below video has some highlights and I just could not let Col's group go with out getting them to give a rendition of Advance Australia Fair.....Music to my ears!