Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Main Act

Roland Garros will soon be underway the venue for the French Open.Can Nadal win again,I think he can but I am sure his opponent's will lift their game when it counts.One thing that is distinguishable from hard courts to clay court play is that great clay courters will have as part of their weapons a competent drop shot,they will know when to play it and how to use it as game change up.This shot is used a lot more during the clay court season than on hard court.Clay court tennis is like a game of chess staying one step ahead as rally's are often longer and you have to manoeuvre your opposition around the court with change up's such as drop shots an angles.American players have not really fared that well recently at the french open and they just don't have some of the change ups that are needed to be successful on clay courts, Roddick, Blake and co just don't posses the clay court "brain" and although I am sure they go in with a game plan they still try at times to power their opponents into submission and this is why they wont be holding the trophy above their heads .Clay court play is an art in itself and its a player that can adapt and be prepared to play lots of balls ,grinding it out until they have the put away shot that comes much earlier on faster courts.Its a grand slam and maybe the toughest to win as in the two week period you are going to hit a lot of tennis balls.Only the fittest will survive.I am looking forward to the start of this event and watching the skill of the claycourter's in action.

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