Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where's the logic?

So the 16s National Teams event will now consist of three players the number 4 and 5 spots have been omitted and no doubt a new match format.Will this be gradually filtered through to each age groups ie 12s and 14s in New Zealands National Teams Competition?.I thought Tennis New Zealand was encouraging participation? This proposal was apparently put forward by the regions and then carried.I know tennis Southern did not get much of a chance to comment.Often the number 4 and 5 players of the team are the keenest and may get the most out of the event ,mixing with the top players ,this may be their biggest goals in tennis they reach and certainly an achievable one and one to keep these players playing the sport of tennis.As a coach I have had many of my students play in the National Junior teams events and trying to make a regional team is certainly a big factor for juniors to come along to coaching and play in local events.Personally I am disappointed with this step and i see it as a backward step.One reasoning behind the cut was costs to the region.Another case of letting the players down as much of the funding is being eaten up by administration and very little going into players.Why not cut back in admin i could think of some area's already that we would not miss.In a very important age the 16s ...its an age group we need to encourage our players, I know many of these 4 and 5 players will turn their back on tennis and move to another sport.......I cannot blame them! Please comment and let me know your thoughts.The above picture is a Flash back Southern 16s gaining silver medal at Nationals.The number 4 that year Emma John's played a big role in helping Southern achieve that result.So players like Emma now will not get that chance to excel on a National front.Sorry Jesse and Steph for covering your pictures....players like you have now become obsolete.!

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  1. you are spot on with the comment about admin, lets cut their pay packet and fund the players more