Monday, September 21, 2009

NZ Great Onny Parun Serves it up after Davis Cup Loss

This is an excerpt from a local Radio Station In New Zealand, with one of New Zealands Tennis Legends Onny Parun giving a serve to Tennis New Zealand after the recent loss to the Philippines.Parun says certain staff at Tennis New Zealand need to go and more funding to players in the 15-18 yrs would be of benefit.He says that if certain useless positions were axed the money spent on salary could be used for funding the youngsters with potential.He said the current Davis Cup Players are past their use by date.Please comment and let me know your thoughts on this interesting interview.


  1. I would just like to start by saying before parun starts talking and statin his opinion he should get his facts straight. For a start he is trying to say that these guys have never played tennis so they do not know what they are doing.....false. Look at tony nadal, yuri sharipov and darren cahil. All coaches of multiple grand slam champions (Agassi, sharapova, nadal, hewitt) and these coaches never even played tennis. Apart from cahill but not to a high level. Secondly, onny parun has been coaching in Wellington for the last 10 years. How many players has he produced to even a national level? the answer is 0. He has never produced a decent junior player so that proves that good players do not make good coaches. Onny was a good player 40 years ago when 150 people were ranked. 2000 people are ranked now and the depth of the game has strengthened 200 times. Yes, some things in tennis new zealand do need to change but knowone should care about onny's opinion because he has no idea how to fix it. That old man should keep his mouth closed and let people who know about the modern game lead the way.

  2. I do know Onny and I certainly do not agree with all the ideas Onny does have, but Tennis NZ is in a shamble and these guys do not know what they are doing. Tennis NZ was not capable of securing the in-valuable services from Brett Steven, but instead they a few very incapable coaches. Plus the existing national program has been ripped apart by the the "great Lewis". The most essential thing to develop good solid players is to control the over-sized ego of the coaches and of our player who have some ATP ranking and believe tey are some sort of god. Open up a decent academy in Europe or have a close co-operation and then you might will see some sort of success. all this is a long winded process and will take some years to bear fruits.