Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sam Lane takes Otago Indoor 16s Title

13 year old Sam Lane took out the Otago 16s Indoor Title with a hard fought win over Albert Hailes 6-1 1-6 6-4. Lane earlier had won the 14s boys title.Tom Deeley and Sam Lane also combined to take the 16s Boys doubles title.South Canterbury had a good contingent of players participating, Angus Rollinson played well to take out the 12 boys singles consolation beating Zin South 6-2 6-4.Above is Lane left,deeley top right and Angus Rollinson bottom right.Rebecca Gill, Hugh Rollinson,Oscar Ackland and Josh Redicliffe all gained a lot from matches played.Check all their results from this LINK


  1. Just interested in your thoughts of the recent 14s Nationals that have just been played.In the girls you have a twelve and a just turned 13 year old play the final.Not a lot of depth here in my mind then in the boys you have two boys turning 15 this year play out the final.Not a very inspiring age group for New Zealand to look to the future.

  2. I hear what you are saying.I believe that one of the girls deserved to be there but the younger one should not have.The boys final had the two best boys there fight it out and it was good to see that one of the semi finalist boys was only 13years old.
    Look at the 12's girls doubles(from Canterbury) and 12's Boys singles finalist.It is a joke that this negative tennis base line lobbing is winning.Their coaches are a NZ need to watch these kids play as the teams they send away on tours include kids who shouldn't be there.The coaches teach this game so that their income is secure for the sort term.At the 14's Nationals I saw a Auckland coach blantantly ignore rules and give his kids advice through matches. It was also disgusting to see Kids take long toilet and water breaks after the 1st set.What do the referees do ? they check to make sure the the 3 adidas stripes are at the correct length on the players shirts.