Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Turmoil and Disaster Hits New Zealand

What a day yesterday turned out to be. At home in Timaru around lunchtime 1pm the shake started with force swaying the house and shaking windows and of course the noise that one has to witness first hand that is associated with earthquakes.Not knowing what is was when one hit last September I knew straight away what this was!.Here in Timaru we could feel its fury from afar but its Christchurch that once again suffered the worst.An event such as this rocks you back to real life and winning and losing a tennis match is so insignificant to an event such as this.

The world teams seniors events 40m 35 and 40 ladies are being held in Timaru this week , next week the singles champs start in Christchurch.I hate to say this event looks doubtful for Christchurch due to the quake.Yesterday saw the event hampered by rain in Timaru with very few matches being completed.

Below a picture from the Timaru Center with the international flags flying high.

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