Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Novak does it again.

Novak Djokovic proved again he is the best tennis player in the World by defeating a gallant Rafael Nadal.The Djoker was always talented now he has been able to focus and control his skills.Mentally he matched it with Nadal and in the end he broke the Spaniard by repelling a Nadal comeback taking the 4th set and the match 6-1.Nadal now knows what Federer felt like when Nadal stopped him successive grandslam finals.Nadal is competitive and it will be interesting to see how Nadal sets out to combat and defeat this new and improved player. In yesterday's post I summed up pretty well the danger for Nadal and his serve was going to be a key part.Here is a section of his post match interview.

Q. That long game in the second set, I think game three, how deflating was that on your serve to not come out of that when you put the overhead in the net?

RAFAEL NADAL: I keep fighting. I fighted a lot to come back in the second. I was ready to accept the challenges and to accept the problems. The problem is, I told you, I didn’t have free points. The serve didn’t help me. I didn’t start the points with an advantage tonight with my serve. That’s a lot. So I don’t think I need an ace or a winner serve, because I think I have enough good forehand later to have the control of the point. But a lot of times I started the point in the worst position than him when I was serving. So that’s tough.

Nadal will be striving to improve his game , and the serve is going to be a key, if he is to ever beat Novak again.Can Novak maintain his focus ,Im tipping him to continue his dominance, he has raised the bar , its up to the rest and Nadal to raise theirs also.

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