Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello Stranger!

Back again with a post ! So busy with my Academy side my Blog as been a little bare.Well I am going to post a video from our North Otago Programs of a simple Movement drill and time trial. Why dont you juniors try these out and post in the comment section your times.! Make sure you let me know your age when posting your time.

Session 1 in the 10s and 12s age group Test 1 was a sideways movement time trial using the service box.They had 30 secs to touch the singles sideline and the center service line as many times in that allotted time.Josh and Katelyn were top with 22 touches.In the Second test forward and backward movement from the service line to net again 30 secs with as many touches in the allotted time.Keedah was top score with 15.The last test was an endurance from Court 2 doubles sideline to the furtherest doubles sideline on court 3.All players made 10 touches during the 1 minute allotted time frame.The 16s and 14s age groups saw Albert with 27 touches in Test 1 ,James and Josh with 21 touches for test 2 and the 3rd the endurance it was all to much for the group and they lost count!How do you compare?

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