Thursday, November 24, 2011

Words Of Wisdom

Andy Murray had some advice for British Tennis and I think its very relevant to this part of the world. he says Do you know that in Spain, at 18, your funding stops,From there, you get nothing that you cannot earn for yourself" He also went on to say "We're funding guys to ages 27, 28 - while in the most successful tennis nation in the world you're basically on your own. Maybe there's something in that."

The 24-year-old Scot was sent to Spain to develop his game and has become the lone British player of his generation as a result. "When I went to Spain, from the best players to the worst players we were all taught the same way, all given the same drills. They had a structure and they stuck to it.

"Go to our national center and you've got 10 different nationalities all coaching a different way. If we don't get the results straight away, we panic and change direction.

"There is no confidence in our technique, no sense of sticking to an idea, no identity, no consistency in the way we teach tennis, so naturally there is no British style."


We also have to look more closely at how ITF points are accumulated more attention on Head to Head results is a very true indication of how a junior is travelling on the ITF circuits and what tournaments these wins and losses come in. At the end of the day what s the point of picking up points in closed local circuits if you cant cut it in the top grade,its fact many of the worlds top juniors hardly bother with ITF's once they reach 17.Most top college coaches are interested in Head to head who you have beaten who you have lost to , it pays to look more at the player rather than some inflated ranking next to their name.

I support this tough stance by the Spanish Federation and it seems to be working looking at all their players in the top 100.Believe me you are not making money playing the futures circuit.

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