Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mistaken Identity

If you are a coach and in the Tennis Industry you have to be ready for anything,but this incident is a first! After returning from Holiday's in Australia I was catching up on emails and there in my Inbox was a letter from a major association re my conduct at their recent tournament. I asked for the tournament report which contained a three page summary from the tournament referee on my alleged conduct which stated I abused the referee during a match ,in the report  my name was mentioned throughout, it said I should know better blah blah blah.!!! Now the problem I have with this is simple....I was never at the tournament.I have to ask how can a referee get this so wrong, in fact I know the referee in question ,I have been on the tennis scene a number of years in New Zealand and I do think well known among the tennis fraternity.Also i have never lost my Australian accent and pray to God I never will.I have received written apologies from the association and the referee in question who wrote the report.This is indeed a very case of "the wrong man".New Zealand is a reasonably small place and unfortunately the rumor mill is alive and well.This should not happen.....I cannot fathom how it happened.It remains a huge mystery to me. :)

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