Tuesday, December 18, 2012

You have heard the saying too many cooks....

Its with interest I read the new advertised position for a High Performance tennis coach by  Tennis New Zealand . This position will take in the role of New Zealand Davis Cup Captain and Marcel Voss will become the Davis Cup Coach. "Due to a staff restructure within its High Performance team, Tennis New Zealand has created a new position of High Performance Coach with a primary emphasis on talent ID and development but who will also act as the Davis Cup Captain working in partnership with incumbent High Performance Coach Marcel Vos who will take on the new role as Davis Cup Coach." With tennis in dire straights in this country is this logical? Yeh sure! these two positions will work in partnership! ...time will tell but history tells us past appointments have been a failure, do we need a Davis Cup Coach?" For me the money is better spent on the younger juniors and more help for their private coach whoever that is. WHAT DO YOU THINK? 


  1. Hi Steve and interested parties,

    Compliments of the season Yes it is stupid no other word fits

    I personally can not wait for the next high performance manager to be named I am picking he or she will have a darts background or ten pin bowling. Cricket got a lawn bowls guy Rugby a soft- baller so I will put my money on darts or water polo.

    I think other Sports are beginning to wake up to the influence of SPORT NZ and their "One Hat fits all" "Top Down" approach. The grass roots is being systematically destroyed in all sports I noticed even rowing losing top coaches overseas.With all their funding something has got to be wrong there as well.

    The last Tennis High Performance Manager was a handy inter club player Before that Chris Lewis's friend "Smith" (no relation to Paul and Peter) from bowls who could not catch a ball let alone play. It is swiftly down hill from here. Who is next in Davis Cup after Lebanon? If we lose I would say we are in the group with Tonga, Samoa and Fiji

    Here my tip Sports NZ will fund Tennis NZ Why because it makes no sense! Of course it will be performance based on our sterling results after rejuvenation. As you know Steve they had 80,000 in Grasshopper primary schools program and saw from this wonderful program numbers under 12 years go down 12% girls and boys over the year. So after that sterling effort lets give them a few $100,000 and let them pour that down the toilet as well. I mean it is only tax payer money after all.Perhaps that will fund the new Davis cup Captain?????

    My last jab is at the funding of a marketing manager as if anyone would touch tennis it is a "poisoned chalice" and finally their National Junior teams. Why not say the teams selection criteria is based on the players parents ability to pay all the travel and accommodation costs themselves..Why because T NZ no longer funds our National teams.They have spend all the reserves from those Great Davis Cup years.

    Lastly when I played in the 80s we had around 100,000 members Now 40,000 and that is including Marlborough who cooked their books to in flat their membership to win the Gold Medal "Club of the Year". We know this because they announced it unauthorized in the paper 5 weeks ago Will they give it to them Of course they will despite knowing they stole the affiliation fees off them every year for over two decades.Why because it makes no sense!!

  2. Well the thing that makes sense to me is that time is up for Marcel, really what on earth will a Davis Cup Coach be doing? All the players have their own coach anyhow.
    The nuts and bolts will be done by the new created position.Just add it too the list of shambles.