Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios: I have sex before a big game even if you should abstain from it

Long Time no see everyone! I have had good intentions to write but lacked motivation , so here I am and hopefully back to give you some news and opinions.

With the French Open on I bet everyone is interested in this Article.Yep really puts tennis right out there!Read the article HERE

I mean can you imagine Rodger Federer coming out with this! Lets face it Rodger is so perfect i could imagine him having the immaculate conception , and nick.... he has 4 kids to prove he has had sex...Well I certainly enjoyed reading the comments .Here are a few for your enjoyment.

I am prepared to give Nick the benefit of the doubt , I am disillusioned with mainstream media. If true Nick save these comments for the bedroom, I am only interested in watching you play tennis.

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