Monday, October 19, 2009

All systems Go

Geraldine Primary was one of the first schools to hit the court in the TSC schools program.44 keen kids were shown skills by The Team of coaches Consisting My self, Jeff West and Tyler Begg.An early morning start was the order of the day this morning with the Elite training mornings kicking off.This program is fully supported and funded by TSC and one of the best initiatives for juniors who are looking to put in more effort with their tennis.Some of the juniors are pictured below with coaches.
Pictured with the coaches are Sam Lane, Ryan Ammar, Geraldine Prisk and Tom Deeley.Jeff West( Texas) and Tyler Begg (Canada) are coaches working with us over the summer and they had a chance to visit Oamaru at the weekend and below is not Japan but somewhere in the gardens of Oamaru, New Zealand.Tyler(right) Jeff(left).They were also given a lesson in ten pin bowling with the "eye" coming out on top in a little coaches competition in Oamaru yesterday.

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