Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Storm Clouds Brewing for Tennis Australia

Tennis New Zealand took a hammering a few weeks ago and now across the ditch their counterparts at Tennis Australia have storm clouds forming.As Tennis Australia prepares to reveal a loss of close to $7 million for the past financial year and at a time when just two Australian women and two men are inside the top 100 in the respective world rankings, Pollard, 65, is facing the first test to his leadership since being elected in 1989.Paul McNamee's nomination by Tennis West has caused unease at Melbourne Park, where he served as Australian Open tournament director and then chief executive for 12 years until 2006. His relationship with several key Tennis Australia figures remains cool.Now also LLEYTON Hewitt, in a unambiguous attack on chief executive Steve Wood and player development director Craig Tiley, Hewitt said the changing of the guard five years ago had failed.

"In my opinion tennis in Australia and the way it is being administered needs addressing, as we are falling behind many other nations in the world, as well as other sports in our own country," Hewitt said.

"Five years ago there was a change of personnel and many hoped things may get better, however talking with other players, former players and many people who have been involved in tennis for a long time, it sounds like it is getting worse. Read that story at this LinkAnd this in the Australian who says "Every summer we receive emails, mostly of despair, from parents lamenting the poor coaching opportunities for their children. Coaches write that they feel disenfranchised by a system that takes talented young players and impounds them into a centralised, unilateral coaching model. Many think that unless their child is a prodigy then the coaching system is not accessible to them" LINK The trouble is that when National Body's get it wrong its the juniors of today that suffer...........remember Time waits for no one , especially tennis players.- the eye.

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