Saturday, August 14, 2010

Never Give In and give your Best

It's been a while since posting and during that time we have all been playing on the same team as My Father who had heart surgery in Sydney and suffered a stroke during the operation , I truly believe that family support at times like these are vital and provide extra strength.On arrival from Nz ( I returned asap when I knew about the stroke) my father was kept sedated for seven days in intensive care until the Doctors felt safe to remove the breathing machines.If you have ever played against my sister and I you know how strong of competitors we are and this was always acknowledged by opponents in our playing days.Well we know where we got this trait from......our Father! As Dad came around he had not much movement in his right side , he was disorientated but he knew us all , My Nieces his grand children Kirsty and Gabrielle where with him each day talking to him and urging him to "wake up pop" He eventually  did and  took him a few days to realize that he had underwent open heart surgery.Each day was like a miracle and we saw movement increase in his right side his right leg and hand which the stroke had effected .He could not touch his nose with his right hand, by the time I left he was amazing the physio's and lifting his right hand above his head.I left after two weeks of 7 hours a day at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital with a new found appreciation of Doctors and Nurses in the intensive care ward.The Big battle has been won but still a few more to compete in on his road to recovery.Dad has 7 brothers and sisters who kept in contact rang and visited when they could and this also helped him through this time.My sister has been there 1 month and she returns to New Zealand tomorrow and no doubt My Mother will miss her support and my father I know will be very upset as she leaves.So onwards and upwards and back to posting , thanks to all who enquired and sent their thoughts and prayers and Neil next time I am in Sydney lets catch up mate.!

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