Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Posts for a few Day's

Just letting you know that I will not be posting for a few days.I am returning to Australia for a few days for Family Reason's. My father has a had some complications with his Heart surgery.He was the driving force for both myself and my sister's tennis ,coming from a small country town in NSW their were no tennis coaches when we were juniors ...each school holidays Dad would take us to Sydney to receive some Pro Coaching.He took us all over the State to compete in tournaments .Lisa my sister gained a National Junior Australian Ranking of 3.He has visited us here in New Zealand numerous times to watch proudly as his grandchildren took centre stage.... all ways on hand to pick up balls during their practice times.Just as he has supported us its our turn to support him , I will post again soon but right now all our family will rally round!


  1. Best wishes to yr Dad and to the family

  2. Thanks Neil , hope to catch up with you next time I am in Sydney.

  3. sure Steve sounds good .. hope Pat is travelling well .. cheers