Monday, October 25, 2010

Selection Dilemma !

Being involved as a Coach and selector for local rep matches can be a nightmare as you confront a whole series of issues why players are unavailable.There is nothing new to issues such as injury's, family weddings, cannot afford the time off school and psychological factors or just could not be bothered which I must say is very rare.Nothing surprises me, however it is still disappointing to deal with what is an age old problem.Injury's I guess you can't help and one must not dwell too much on these, its the other factors that one tires of.Tennis is an individual sport and its in this environment the selfish factor is brought to the forefront.It can be simply the parents don't want their child to lose in a head to head match up with a particular opponent during the team event and this can lead into a list of excuses non tennis related, one a coach just does not want to deal with.Some players have gone well and above the call of duty to play events ,one player had major surgery on their back and played the team event serving underarm and winning vital rubbers to secure an overall team victory.I say where there is a will there is a way and yes you might not be at your best sometimes but you do it for the team.This post is no way singling anyone out... its a fact Coach and selectors have to deal with every time one picks a team however try looking at the other side once in a while and remember tennis sometimes is a Team Sport.You know Juniors who are involved with rep sport must know that at a certain level you have to commit. Sometimes events clash and sacrifices must be made.As a Pro Coach I expect parents and players to realize that you cannot be in two places at once and the right choice is made for the good of the team. Just as in other rep sport tennis requires the same support!.Just remember when unavailable have a good excuse ready because I have heard them all , I don't mind legit but honestly I have not come down in the last rain shower for most. What I have noticed in the current generation the sense of pride playing for your region is met with mediocre outlook.I could go on but I'm afraid I face a losing battle , I admire and respect those that you can continue to count on.Whilst this is not relevant I can remember an old coach saying that if you were in the trenches of Normandy in WW2 you hope your team mate that gives it their all on the playing field is the guy you want next to you in those trenches .. a mate you can rely on on when the going gets tough.Commitment does start pre season!

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