Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Coaches

Each Summer I have been lucky to have young tennis coaches from all parts of the world assist over the summer with our tennis program here in South Canterbury.What a great opportunity for young people with tennis in their blood to visit and do something that they love in another part of the world.Recent Summer's have seen Hector Garcia from Mexico,Tyler Begg from Canada and Jeff West from Dallas Texas. All have been very popular here in South Canterbury and each coach has left a lasting impression on the young tennis players of the area.I wish I had done this at their age getting vital life experience in different country's.Pictured left is Dino Ilecic who joins us this year from Sweden.Click HERE to read today's Timaru Herald's story on Dino!This year we have also former outstanding local Junior Gabrielle Grady one of the area's best performed junior tennis players.Gabrielle is here for the term and will depart January on a tennis scholarship to Jacksonville Florida a reward for her tennis dedication. Gabrielle has also coached in Auckland with Gary Swinkels in junior holiday programs. Gabrielle also was part of Tennis New Zealand project Europe spending training in Spain. Her experience will also be very valuable to the coaching this summer.Below is a picture of Gabrielle and Dino decked out in ASB shirts who are big supporters of Tennis South Canterbury.

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