Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas To All

Just taking the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas no matter where you are in the world. Thanks for visiting my Blog and keep checking for updates.
On this side of the world as I write its Christmas eve around 4.30pm in the afternoon,usually i get that gust of wind with the smell of Christmas on it sending me shivers knowing that Christmas is indeed upon us, this year it has not hit yet maybe because my father cannot be with us here in New Zealand this year still recovering from Heart Surgery, since being here in NZ he has been with us for every Christmas.My mother turns 79 on Christmas Day and that in itself is hard to believe .Happy Birthday Mum, unfortunately she does not use the computer so a phone call will be in order to give her best wishes.My Grandmother is 102 and this year will be her first Christmas she has not spent at home, just her legs cannot get her where she wants to anymore.We were lucky to have her here in New Zealand for Christmas day a few year ago.So Christmas day always turns to thoughts of family at home.

I know for sure that many children will be waking up Xmas morning and finding brand new tennis racquet's in their Santa Sack or gifts under the Christmas tree.Get ready for a wild ride kids if used regular the game of tennis will give you lots of laughs and like me can be with you a lifetime.It will also at times bring you tears as you suffer and learn that winning is not that important more so the fact that you can learn from losses.It is going to take someone to the top of the tree and a future world champion will be unwrapping the paper from their racquet that will take them to the top.Tennis can take you places and teaches you life lessons ,Boy! are you lucky to be recieving a brand new racquet this Christmas .Keep it safe and treat it as your best friend it will respond and take you to where you want to go .Merry Christmas.

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