Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winning tennis- and a quick post from Aussie

Sorry for the lack of posts, have made a quick trip back to Australia to visit family. Earlier this year my father had major Heart surgery and suffered a stroke during the operation. After extensive recovery its pleasing to report how much he has improved , I went walking with him early this morning when last I saw him he hardly could stand without support, it’s amazing to see his recovery and improvement .I am also taking the opportunity to visit my 102 year old grandmother. Whilst home I always look into my niece’s trophy cabinet and thought I would post some pictures here of a few trophies of many they accumulated from their early junior days 6- 13yrs travelling mostly all over the state of NSW Kirsty and Gabrielle won many age group events. We could not bring them to New Zealand when they moved and now sit at my parents’ house, constant reminders of the commitment and fun we had taking them to tournaments. Yes I guess Dust Collectors but very nice to look back on.
Just speaking about trophies, you can see by the pictures that some are indeed very nice and in comparison to what is given in New Zealand at most Junior tournaments there is not much! I guess its costs I know just the basic trophies in New Zealand are very expensive. Whilst we know that it’s not all about the trophy they are a nice reward for your efforts.

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