Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Statistics always interest me and its great to see who and where is actually reading my Blog! This is another set of stats readily available and shows how many hits and from what country's for the past month.The above are just the top country's visiting . Well the clay court season has begun and who will step up ?
The above is the first big event of the year . The best inform player Djokovic has withdrawn leaving Nadal to be tested by the rest.Federer will be trying to find some clay court form , I think his best chance of a major event this year is Wimbledon.It will be interesting to see how the young "guns"such as Milos Raonic adapt to the slower surfaces.

What you need to win on clay.

1.The ability to keep height and depth over the net

2. Being able to slide into shots only learnt on clay, the guys that have grown up on this surface will have an advantage.

3. To be able to use angles and drop shots as court craft is a big advantage in winning on clay

4. To gain control of the rally, you dont have to serve big but you have to serve with accuracy and a high percentage of first serves.

5. Be Fit!!!! Prepared to grind out longer rallys.

6.Play the percentages Patience is a virtue on clay.

7.All good clay courters must be prepared to slice and dice

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