Friday, April 15, 2011


Monica Seles, Steffi Graff ,Maria Sharapova have all had stalkers , now the "eye"has a stalker. The only thing stalkers eventually get caught.The wonderful stats a blog can give you is who is reading your web page , what country , and even what city! My stalker is a frequent visitor to the site. Occasionally they leave comments .Their last visit to my blog was 8-14 am this morning.I even know what browser they use to log on , they use internet explorer,they even use Windows xp!.Yesterday they made numerous visits to my blog , including leaving a comment. The beauty about New Zealand  its so small, its easy to pinpoint local visitors, most come here for entertainment and news , My Stalker comes for evil purposes :) .I know who the stalker is.

All will be made public soon :). I am up with some great names who have had stalkers , one wonders is it an honor? NO its annoyance to think that people do not have better things to do with their lives.They obviously need help.

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  1. haha obviously have nothing better to do with their lives. funny when they are wrong. just shows how stupid and pathetic some people are. you obviously have someone who has an obsession with you because they keep coming back for more, sad little people.keep up the good work steve