Thursday, May 31, 2012

Has the game in NZ Gone to the Dogs

I have received this article from a concerned coach in New Zealand re the direction of tennis in regards to coaches.Below is the article,the coach has asked to remain anonymous at this point but like many is passionate about the game and the future.
Wouldn't it be great if we had a National Body that would listen, wouldn't it be great if they really cared about Tennis in this country, wouldn't it be great if they supported coaches especially those resident coaches striving to foster tennis. It's an understatement to say Tennis is in a mess in NZ, the pity is it is so fixable! There are very good reasons that coaches don't bother to be registered, or belong to NZ Tennis"s Coaches Association, both organisations are dysfunctional. Of the number of coaches operating in NZ, how many actually belong?, 5%, 10%, who knows. The big question why do so few belong, what are the benefits?, what do you receive from membership? Would NZ Tennis support a registered coach in a dispute with a club, the answer is no, would the Coaches Association support you when an unethical coach from another area uses devious and unethical methods to undermine you and take your business, again the answer is no. Why does NZ Tennis feel the need to import Overseas Coaches?, are these coaches CV 'S checked prior to arriving in NZ, do they have Police checks from their own country, wouldn't it be a good idea to also have a drug check?, and why are they coming in in the first place?, wouldn't it be more logical to employ a resident coach, or if NZ Tennis doesn't feel resident coaches are up to standard, perhaps they could introduce training programmes to up skill. I am just one of many disatisfied coaches in NZ, and because I am vocal, I am classed as a 'nutter', if their were more 'nutters' out there NZ Tennis Might just listen.

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