Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tennis Coaches at the Mercy by Local Administrators

I have found it very hard to post regular posts being disillusioned with the local New Zealand tennis scene .The main area of concern is Administration where good coaches have been terminated by incompetent officials with no experience in the coaching field, but yet with out ever seeing club pros deliver lessons bend to the whims of parents out to further their child,usually they have not got their own way with the coach and set in motion underhanded methods to undermine the club pro.This is just not my story but many coaches throughout New Zealand have been ditched not because of the job they are doing but because they have dared standup to a few "so called board members and fanatical parents.As a coach we have been let down by The Tennis Coaches Association and Tennis New Zealand in many incidents especially in Overseas's coaches being given jobs ahead of local coaches, boards have placed personal agenda ahead of giving jobs to accredited coaches all highly qualified.The "eye" has never been one not to speak out but a huge story is about to break and any association that have hired oversea's coaches need to be worried.Tennis Coaches New Zealand although aware have not acted in the best interest of their members.There has been situations where the club and association have not done a background check or to seek what qualifications these non residents have.
The Code of ethics for coaches are non existent with many coaches moonlighting as a tennis coach although having a full time job, undercutting full time coaches who rely solely on coaching for their income with low price lesson fees .The industry is in a shambles and the story that is about to break is a shocker.Please be free to use the comments section if you have a story to tell.Mean while stay tuned "the eye " will give you the news.

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  1. Hi Steve
    When are coaches in NZ going to develop some courage and speak up!! They have left it to you and your mates to take the flack for being critical of NZ Tennis. Take the case of Mark Feinsod the 'nutter' that Leslie Wilkinson CEO of Waikato Bays sponsored into the Country! Ther must have been some resident Coaches that applied for the Position Feinsod got, don't they have the 'balls' to comment?, Regards Trevour from Hamilton

    1. Trevour are you a "nutter" or just "butter" you have no clue on the stiry of feinsod who is a great coach and got screwed over. Taupo is not a place for tennis nor is there any coaches there. New Zealand Tennis is so far behind the rest of the world and it always will be. When you live in hibernation you just talk but get the story right before you say things that are not true. Can you tell me what a good tennis coach is? Auckland is the only place for tennis and that is it. Have you been to Taupo. Leslie Wilkinson is old school. She will never make the game better in New Zealand nor does she or anyone in her organization want to make it better. Google USTA. Happy Holidays Mate.