Friday, June 22, 2012

The top ITF Junior Girls

So who are the up and coming junior female tennis players .Above are the top 10 ranked ITF junior girls. Taylor Townsend comes in at No 1 from the USA in fact two other players from the USA are also in the top 10. Six of the 10 are 16yrs which is an indication that they may succeed on the PRO TOUR. Aussie Ashleigh Barty No 2 won a major break through Pro Tour event last week and she will be in the Main draw of the ladies singles at Wimbledon next week she is just 16 years of age.Looking out side the top 10 look out for Ana Konjuh from Croatia who is only 14!!! Another player to keep an eye on outside the top 10 is Antonia Lottner from Germany.I have always used the formula win major events as a Junior you can make it on the senior tour.Its no guareentee but its a good start.New Zealand has one junior girl inside the top 50 at 17 years of age.I will also put up the boys over the next few posts.The "eye "will be keeping watch on how these players do at Wimbledon.At the end of the day Junior points dont mean a lot ,wins on the senior tour will and that juniors will be the key to success.

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