Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life not Easy Outside the Top 100 Male Tennis Players

I'm a professional tennis player. I live in Melbourne and my world ranking is 256. I returned home yesterday from the US Open, where I was the first alternate for the qualifying draw. Had I made it, my prizemoney would have covered my flights, and maybe a couple of nights in the hotel. Instead, I have just added another hefty amount to my bloated credit card bill.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/sport/tennis/diminishing-returns-when-you-play-in-the-red-zone-20120827-24wmm.html#ixzz24mn48CFO

Great story above on what life is like for most of the tennis players on the Tour.Check it out!

Do New Zealand readers watch the TV show the Block? former National Ranked junior Sarah Adams appears with her partner as one of the teams!!!

New Zealander 's may remember Russian Junior Tanya Somodelok,she was in New Zealand for long periods around the age of 10 and eleven she showed great maturity in her game at a very young age.New Zealand tried very hard to get her citizenship.In a women's event in MEXICO last week she came up against New Zealand Junior Emily Fanning, both girls are around the same age the Russian slightly older.Somodelok has played very few Junior ITF's whilst Fanning has played more than her fair share. So it was with interest the result for comparison..the Russian winning a second round match 7/5 6/1.This was a 10,000.00 Women's event.Somodelok was beaten in her next match.She has a career high ranking of 1142.

No qualifying was held so if you are looking for some events to get an easy berth to the Maindraw look at Mexico.The eventual winner was around 480 in the world.

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