Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tennis Turmoil

This story was sent to me by Clem and Mike who spent three months researching .Email trails and a very damming voice tape of a meeting was obtained.I have posted it simply to show the lack of ethics and professionalism that is surfacing in the coaching world and the admin departments in charge of running the game.Below is their researched story of events.

This story begins in two very different places at opposite ends of the world A sleepy town in Central North Island called Taupo and New York City USA

Mark an American Coach apparently was the answer to a prayer from a tired Club president and a sleepy program in need of CPR.She wanted to hand on the coaching duties. Mark had just sent out several hundred CVs around the world from his New York base of his national Academy, looking for someone to bite and bite they did.

The CV we are not sure ended up in Auckland passed on to someone in tennis circles who passed it on to Waikato Bays Tennis CEO. She knowing of the soon to be freeTaupo position passed it on to her friend the President of the Taupo club. All seemed Ok!

The two were life time friends and together they contemplated Mark 's surreal CV He seemed to be to good to be true and in keeping with that adage he was.

It appeared Mark was a conman had a criminal record and had an ego almost as large as his fraudulent CV. Mark had sparkling qualifications which to anyone familiar and remotely acquanted with the game should run up the red lights.

However this was so good that the President and CEO neglected to tell the committee at Taupo what they were doing.Correspondence clearly shows no communication or authorisation appears to have been given Clearly this was a surprise such a coup for Taupo and Waikato Bays.

There was heavy email traffic between between Mark The President and CEO We have this traffic courtesy of Mark himself Marks PHD in sports science his Freshman tennis player of the year status in his conference and many glowing awards and University accreditations blinded the two to his poor diction and spelling in his flawed e mails

Mark got the position and there is no record of the position being advertised although this may have happened, it was not picked up. This is naturally a requirement of Immigration that the position must be advertised for a NZ resident coach. It appears most likely that his CV was vetted by the CEO of Waikato Bays and probably Coach Co Ordinator at NZ Tennis initially and then again later when the alarm went off.

Marks application was put through the New York office and would need support from TNZ and or Regional body and Taupo It also appears it may not have been the normal two year permit required under skilled Immigration as the contract was for only 6 months This to is a problem and Mark is not the only foreigner probably employed on an invalid tourist visa in this way.Nor is the the only unqualified foreign coach to get a top position here.

This all happened from July August 2011 Mark finally arrives late Oct /Nov 2011 A large article appears in the Taupo Paper announcing the arrival and how fortunate Taupo was to have someone who had a CV of such qualityThe club had set aside money a retainer of $1,000 per month. This very well may have been public money as the club would seem to be unable to finance a coach in this way.

It became apparent immediately on Marks arrival that something was very wrong Mark had erratic behaviour often putting his hand down his pants while in company

It became clear Mark could hardly play and he was being groomed for grass hopper tennis. It was confided to us that the previous coach had no qualification and it became more likely that neither did Mark.

Panic set in Mark worried his host and was jettisoned to another unsuspecting host who was later to send her kids out of town due to her justifiable fear of Mark and his erratic behaviour. Mark would wait up all night betting on American football games. His money went on gambling and had the drug oxycontin in his possesion ...a percription drug when the tablets are melted down and inhaled it is called Hill Billy Heroin.

We know this through correspondence passed on to us. It was clear to this person Mark was in need of serious help and was a compulsive liar. Marks new host believed at first Marks hard luck story how he was misunderstood and poorly treated He was not paid for work as outlined in his contract We have a copy This is actually true.

The CEO was asked to come and observe Mark She was along with The Coach CoOrdinator at TNZ the two most responsible for providing Marks unvetted ride into the country.

NZT Coach Co Ordinator said his CV seemed alright obviously no phone calls or emails were sent checking his CV. Waikato Bays CEO came and personally witnessed Mark give a lesson to an adult lady.

Finally it became obvious they had a dud and more important an embarrasment to them all. A criminal record was uncovered by a policeman and by his second host

Mark was sacked Then when it seemed it could not get worse it does

Read next week cover ups and pay offs

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  1. I was the Adult Lady Mark Gave a lesson to, It was not a lesson we were just hitting and he did a find job. Before you mad mouth someone maybe you should get your facts right. It seems like like Mark who is a very kind person and not a conman got taken for a ride by conladies. If you want to talk about Duds I would say the two old ladies were real duds and needed serious face lifts.