Sunday, March 16, 2014

NZ Tennis Junior National Teams Fiasco!

Continuing from from my last article I again must bring to your attention events around the National Junior Teams events.My last blog revealed that Tennis Northern was not sending any teams in any age group and Waikato could not send a 16 girls team. I read with interest an article sent to me from a local Northern Newspaper you can Read here 

For those that have problem opening the link below is the article.
Click on the above and it will open a new window and this will be bigger for reading.What disturbs me is that Local juniors have been let down by administrators at regional level and even at National Level by TNZ.Not only Local juniors but also the Juniors and regions that have supported and fielded teams!

I noticed that parents were unwilling to give their name as repercussions on their children could occur by the powers that be.It has been reported to me that a local Administrator from Northern has used their position to threaten outspoken parents before.

A major concern of mine is the new Strategy papers 

All papers have been signed off by regional body's but with very little consultation with their regions. I am led to believe that emails had been sent by TNZ and informed that they were available for reading on the tnz WEBSITE.
So was this just one person signing off without out good discussion with local representatives? Surely someone would of picked up on that the Teams event was not even worth mentioning and did not rate in their competition pathways or Hp strategy.

I have read all papers and will make a special blog re these, but let me say I am dissapointed and on the surface appears little substance.

Ok moving on if you feel strongly re the JUNIOR TEAMS EVENT please sign this petition!

I've started the petition "Tennis New Zealand and Regional Bodies: Provide the support and funding that the National Junior teams events deserve.To make sure this competition is placed in their junior and HP programs pathways." and need your help to get it off the ground.
Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link:

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  1. Hey Mr Dave Herbert speak for your self and not other regions..few are happy is just your arrogant take on things ! As a parent with children involved we are very Happy with this event.

  2. With Administrators like Frank and Dave its no wonder tennis is in trouble in this country!

  3. Tennis in New Zealand is a Joke . The CEO from northern didn't even know the event( Junior National Teams event age group) was listed to be held at Albany!

  4. Hi Steve,very sad for northern tennis.Sad for the clubs,volunteers and juniors in that area.The tri-series mentioned took place between Waikato,Northern and Central. These were used as warm ups for nationals teams events and sadly northern and Waikato pulled out 2 years ago. What is going on with tennis nationally? If a little province like ours(worked by volunteers) can run tournaments,junior & senior rep fixtures between our local associations(total of 8 fixtures this season)free beginner and heavily subsidised rep coaching,Saturday competition play for juniors and seniors plus lots of other things to promote tennis in our region Then why cant fully paid workers to the same?? Guess what steve we fully fund our rep teams travel ,accommodation and food. All profits made from our tournaments fund these activities !!! No grant money for the above. I get wild when I read about the laziness of these centers.The grants have made them lazy and in turn destroy's the culture and team work in those areas. Grants can also make them arrogant as the need to co-operate with local clubs and associations in their areas are as crucial as they used to be.
    David Butters President Tennis Wanganui (spend between 10-20 hours per week for free)

    1. Thanks Dave As always appreciate your comments.The personal approach and efforts by volunteers are being undone by paid Administrators with little knowledge of tennis or vision and the regions making up New Zealand.

    2. Cheers Steve, sorry for the spelling mistakes especially in the last sentence(it was supposed to say aren't as crucial not are). The bad culture is also coming through some coaches to mate.How many coaches out there have a coaching plan ?how many give a written report to parents on how their child is doing after a period of say a term?these parents invest alot of money in their child so it is only fair that there is adequate communication going between them along with a written report. A good plan will include a pathway as well as a list of suggested tournaments to play.I have seen coaches come from the tnz coaches courses and supply better on court drills but fail with the planning process. Do they actually sit down and ask what are your goals? does the putting together of a coaching and tournament plan scare some coaches (as it makes them accountable as well for the childs progress) or do they simply not realise the importance?
      When I questioned a coach about it who recently attended a elite tnz coaches course he replied "not in the course" (surely it is). I have seen a coach receiving 50 per hour busily texting during a lesson. There are amazing coaches out there doing outstanding work but there are some bad apples contaminating the barrel. I always say to parents who attend our tournaments if you want to find a good coach then look and see which coaches take their players to out of town tournaments. Sorry for going off topic Steve.
      Tennis Northern need to communicate with a proactive centre and ask what are you doing right that we aren't doing and then be prepared to put the work in.The CEO also needs to go along with the performance coach.

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  6. Just Pathetic!!! These people have never put in place a successful program and concentration on 7 children because they cant play the teams event is just WRONG! Wake up tennis New Zealand this event is for all good Juniors and they must be encouraged , I can tell you now where your players will be in the next 6 years and by the way no one will be in your 150 goal because you guys just have no clue! Jobs for the boys!

  7. Hi Steve, I recommend you speak to the parents of 2 of the girls who are no longer with Tennis NZ. Believe me, they have the inside scoop and it is not pretty. And what is with the recent selection they have made for a play-off tournament to win a trip to Singapore? No sign of our top players?? Is this because they want to guarantee that their precious elite kids win the prize? Looking at the calibre of kids they have selected, Tennis NZ is going to be the laughing stock of the tennis world.