Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The balls in your court Tennis New Zealand and Regions and its time to come out and support The Junior National Teams event ..in other words put your money where your mouth is and financially back this event

Great support from all over New Zealand for this event after Tennis Northern decided not to send junior teams to the National Junior Teams event along with Waikato who could not field a 16 girls team.

Now some Regional CEO'S would like us to believe that a revamped teams event that may just include North Island teams was supported by all regions and put to TNZ , this is just not true!

Waikato CEO Leslie Wilkinson along with David Franks Northern CEO are in favor of a upper North Island Tri Series, remember the last one you tried two years ago?Northern and Waikato pulled out of the event it ended with disaster , Central was the other region involved in the series.

Get this the Waikato 16 girls team probably would have been seeded 1 for the event and the excuse was not to send a team was the number 5 would be pushed into the number 1 position as Waikato had players picked for overseas events.Hang the experience the others would receive Leslie, hang the next tier below being given an opportunity Leslie ,Hang the rest of the regional teams having less matches Leslie. Shame Leslie your attitude along with David Franks from Northern is not needed.Who appoints regional CEO'S such as these?

As readers of this Blog may be aware of there has been a petition circulating. It is still open so you can still sign at this LINK. The lack of support from TNZ is disappointing , not even considered an event worthy to be in their High Performance strategy.Comments have been left on TNZ's Facebook page from angry parents for their apathy in responding to the paper articles.
 Another Article also appeared in the North Shore Times.

The Teams event is a great event and the petition page has had some great comments left by supporters!

The national teams event was almost the epitome of junior tennis for me growing up, a chance to not only compete against the rest of NZ, but to play with close mates in a team environment. I was lucky enough to be part of the winning 16's boys teams event back in 1989. It is without doubt one of the finest tennis memories I have. To discard this event is a complete disgrace and I would hope this crazy nonsensical decision will be overturned!

*For some players in Southern this is the only time they are able to play the best in NZ. Our juniors strive to make these teams and take great pride in representing their region. For this event to be seen as non important is ridiculous - I know 30 current Southern players who would disagree!

*Tennis in general is an individual sport with very few junior representative opportunities. It is sad that junior players living overseas, that don’t even play regularly in NZ, be given funding to further their tennis careers when the children who actually live and play week after week in NZ getting little or no funding towards tournaments like the National Junior Team Event. Each region should be made to consider the top 12 players in each age group for the Team Event and not rely solely on selection due to their ranking points. Unless you can afford to travel around the country, juniors don’t get that many opportunities to play a variety of other children. The Junior Team Event is important and there should be a set of guidelines to ensure all regions participate without players having to withdraw due to the cost involved. We are a small country and there are ways to make it affordable for everyone. The only people who lose out at the end of the day are the children. 

Simply Tennis New Zealand you should be funding and helping the regions attend this event! Is it true Tennis New Zealand you are funding one of the Targeted athletes $50,000 a year who does not reside here , does not participate in local events such as the Nationals .Readers  in the know will no doubt work out who I am talking about but to spend this amount if  true on someone so young is ridiculous!?You cannot find $0.01c for the National teams event? I am also wondering what club this player is registered to in NZ?I am sure all Team's event juniors are in fact registered members of clubs affiliated with TNZ. Bigger threat is a defection to Australia later in the players career,may not happen however precedent has been set by Sasha Jones AU and Cameron Norrie GB.

Just a word on posts I allow all comments and if you do not agree I will also post , however I have allowed Anonymous posts in the past but if you are leaving one please add you name.

Thank you to some of the coaches that have signed the petition but come on coaches there should be more adding their names after all you are coaching kids that are striving to make events such as these and taking their money! Are you scared of repercussions from the powers that be? 

Finally this slogan


Perhaps it should be changed to


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