Sunday, July 6, 2014

Federer to Win!

I have been skeptical that Rodger could add another Grandslam title, but i do believe he can lift that Wimbledon trophy once again! Djoker will have to play his best , Roger if all things are even has the better game and especially for grass!His semi final against Raonic did not take that much out of Fed and if he gets that first set under his belt I think he will be unstoppable!

Petra Kvitova destroyed Young Canadian Eugenie Bouchard 6-3 6-0 61 points to 37 points. Eugenie is not gaining many friends on tour  , just comes over a little too cocky , and Laura Robson once best friend deleted her from twitter after Nick Saviano who coaches both players was spending more time with Eugenie. Believe me being a coach you just cannot win!

Look at New Zealander Simon Rea who has been Nick Kyrgios coach for the past 18 months and now looks to be parting ways after Nicks best performance ever.This is the nature of tennis as with Andy Murray changing coaches and rumor has it the Murray Camp is far from Happy, Caroline Wozniacki has a new coach every week. Just locally in the Junior scene this happens a lot , we have a lot of parents here that somehow with no experience become a wealth of knowledge on the tennis scene and think they are a coach.The other problem is coaches finding the magic fairy dust and convincing parents they can work miracles.And for most to become top 100 it has to be a miracle!Hard work and as little distraction possible helps chase goals.The other important aspect is defining potential , due to circumstances, money, ability,weapons,location will and want , I see many parents wanting it more than their child..and if that's the case you really are looking for magic fairy dust. All these factors will combine to allow you to reach your potential but not every one has the potential to reach top 100! Sometimes the answer is on your front doorstep, so many exit via the back door! 

Breaking News Krygios is returning to Canberra and his childhood coach Todd Larkham . 

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