Friday, August 15, 2008


There's no bigger upset than the top seed getting beat in the quarter finals of a major event.James Blake(USA) defeated Roger Federer 6-4 7-6 to end Federer's Olympic Dream.Confidence is a major plus and all players go through that period of invincibility,recent losses have sent out a message to fellow tennis player's the "Fed Express" is beatable, players get that extra boost in confidence that may not of been there 6 months ago when Federer could not be beaten.When the going gets tough in a tight match on big points there can be self doubts that normally the champ would back himself and make a big play.
Federer's invincibility has gone he has become beatable, Blake had lost 8 in a row to Federer , I guess if you stick with it perseverance pays off!!!Federer had 56 unforced errors in the match, at times tennis can be a total mind game, certainly Federer has lost that mental edge for now , can he regain it? Changes will be a foot a fresh approach is needed maybe we will see a regular coach appear in the Players box, always change a losing game fed , you need to the US Open starts soon.Federer hasnt been settled all week and not been happy with the schedule.Read more about the match here

And out goes Serena Williams beaten in three sets by Elena Dementieva , this is the Olympic games, and history told us from previous Olympic's there will be upsets.

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