Thursday, August 14, 2008

Too Hot To Handle!

The Olympic finals are heading towards a repeat Wimbledon Final for Men's and Ladies ,there is still a way to go and extreme heat conditions could play a big part in how players handle this energy sapping element in their next few rounds.For Young tennis players in conditions such as Beijing or even local climates its very important to avoid dehydration.Here are some tips 1.Hydrate off the court as well ,remember if you are feeling thirsty you are all ready getting dehydrated! 2.At change of ends take 4-8 gulps every time.3.Do not over drink plain water,if you are playing a long match just drinking water can dilute your electrolyte balance and promote cramping due to loss of sodium.4.Your choice of electrolytes should contain Sodium that helps retain the fluids in your muscles.Carbs(sugar5-8%)also help retain fluids and give you an added energy boost.Take note of the pro players on Tv and what they are drinking at the change of ends.Many Players in Beijing are using "ice packs" and cold towels at the change of ends to keep body temps stable.
Qtr Final Match-ups Mens: Blake vs Federer,Mathieu vs Gonzales,Monfils vs Djokovic Melzer vs Nadal Women's:Bammer vs Zvonarena ,S William's vs Dementieva , V Williams vs Li ,Safina vs Jankovic

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