Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Its a Political Game - Australian Tennis about too take stock ,once again

Australia is a proud tennis nation with a great history of tennis champions.Questions have been asked once again what is happening with the structure and High Performance program as again the National program is losing top juniors who elect to go elsewhere.Former Top Aussie Jason Stoltenburg has recently had a very Public Feud with Craig Tilley Tennis Australia's Player Development Manager and Australian Open Boss.Tilley hired Stoltenberg - former world No.19, coach of Lleyton Hewitt and a man passionate about reviving Australia's international standing - as a national coach three years ago. Stoltenberg quit because of extreme frustration with Tiley's ideas.Stoltenburg had this too say "I've worked for Tennis Australia. I've been at the coalface of player development. It is basically a low-level college system. I've come to the conclusion that unless there are changes, and unless there are changes now, this country will become irrelevant as a tennis nation" and he went on to say this about Tilley "Craig is a massive control freak," Stoltenberg said. "Unfortunately, I think he's made it personal between us. From him, it's my way or the highway. His ideas and my ideas on how to become a world-class professional are poles apart."
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Last week the Sydney Morning Herald suggested that Tennis Australia's President Geoff Pollard may be on borrowed time as the board and presidency of Tennis Australia is up for re-election in October.Should Pollard be "rolled" then CEO Steve Wood and Craig Tilley could be looking for new jobs after that meeting.Link to the story

And now John Newcombe an Aussie legend has said Tennis Australia's player development program was not expert enough to lift Aussie talent Chris Guccione to the upper echelon of world tennis. Perhaps he had a point, because now Guccione has left the Tennis Australia-Australian Institute of Sport set-up to resurrect his stalled career with private coaching.The Link is here to that story

A week in anyones life can sometimes be longer than one hopes for, Tilley a South African who has had a remarkable coaching career is starting to feel the heat.Watch this space for further developments.

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