Saturday, July 18, 2009

After the Dust or Ice settles from the National Junior Indoor Titles

I was pointed out some interesting Stats in regards to the girls National Events just recently held and it looks like the Girls events have become basically regional tournaments.Here is the break up for these events.

*In the 12’s in CHCH, 12 of the 18 entrants or 66% were from Canterbury.
*In the 14’s in Auckland, 20 out of 26 or 77% were from the Auckland region.
*In the 16’s in Auckland, 17 out of 25 or 68% were from the Auckland region.
I think if New Zealand wants to compete on a World stage these questions must be answered

Why the small number of entries, why no true national representation?
What is TNZ doing to keep the number of Girl’s playing and competing in these events?

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