Sunday, July 12, 2009

Its Not Wimbledon ---But who knows it could be the start

Young junior tennis players enjoyed the great weather last week in South Canterbury and of course the chance to learn the basics from an experienced tennis coach.Pictured left to right are Duncan,Carlo and Harper and front is Max.Tennis for some is a slow progression and its very important that as a junior you start the correct way.Get a good coach that can teach progression and make it fun, my advice stay away from the backyard coaches, the ones that dabble in coaching in their spare time , there are many coaches around that I call text book coaches and they put methodical steps in place for their juniors and most of these coaches have a common trait, put them onto a tennis court and watch them play you will find or be shocked they cant even play themselves ,and sometimes a player needs more than theory. Yes I can hear them say well Nick Bollettieri wasn't a great player, well there is a little difference hes in Florida coaching has his own academy and has a proven track record and your just still in your own backyard.For most youngsters starting off the first thing they will say is "can we play a real game now" my reply is always the same ....."you are playing a real game, every progression we learn is a game" Once a junior steps onto a tennis court the game commences.My poll this week is What's the Key ingredient for a junior to progress to a World class tennis Player .There are a few choices to what you think is the most important ingredient.My first tip is start with a recognized tennis coach that has a history of developing elite junior tennis players but that is just one and I will touch on a few more in my next few posts.

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