Saturday, December 5, 2009

Three ex US College Tennis Players Dominate Southland Open Mens Singles

Jeff West (Lipscomb University),Tyler Begg (UNC- Asheville) and Oliver Cuthill(UNO-New Orleans)all won through to the Men's Semi Final Stage to be played tomorrow in Invercargill.Odd man out in the semi's is Top Seed Perry Crockett Pro Coach from Wanaka. Crockett will take on West who hails from Dallas Texas with Crockett favored to win.

West will have to nullify the big serving Australian and keep him on the baseline.West will have to serve well to stay with Crockett.Earlier West had a comfortable win 6-1 6-2 over Andre Van Rooyen in a quarter final match up,Van Rooyen was in South Canterbury last season with the coaching team.The other Semi Final will provide plenty of interest"the eye" who worked hard to improve Cuthill's game before he went to college tennis will have split loyalties but thinks Begg will have the edge.Cuthill will have to serve well to have any chance and "The eye" feels Begg's consistency and all round game will be the telling factor.Does he have the "inside oil" on Cuthill , tomorrow will tell. Begg is from Calgary Canada and Cuthill the local hope.

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