Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tennis takes you world wide, you dont have to be Federer

Merry Christmas to all and hope where ever you are in the World you have a wonderfull day.Christmas is a time for celebration and even if you are not home and you are away from family and friends its a time for reflection as thoughts drift back to where ever you are from.Tyler Begg above is pictured with Gabrielle Grady, who is just back from another injury(they alone need a full article to cover) enjoying a workout at the South Canterbury Tennis Center, Timaru ,New Zealand.Tyler hails from Calgary Canada and is having great experience working here in the South Canterbury area and also a chance to work on his game as well as coaching.Tennis can open the door in many fields ,not only Federer etc get exposure and success through the sport , so does people like Tyler and Gabrielle, because of their passion and participation in the sport one gets to travel to the otherside of the world for a tennis experience and they like Federer and Nadal etc make tennis a big part of their lives.Again to all that visit my Blog a Merry Christmas and do drop by over the holiday period Im sure to have a few iteresting story's and of course pics and opinions.

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