Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back on Deck

Its been a little quiet on the Tennis Front one could say a " lull before a storm" and I believe plenty is brewing here in New Zealand but more on that in another post. Back to business here in South Canterbury with coaching resuming in full swing this week.The major event looming is the 10s and 12s quads and the above picture are strong contenders for the South Canterbury 10's boys team.New Zealand and Australia compete against each other in many different sports.How hard is it to set up an annual test match in Junior tennis incorporating the 12s , 14s,16s, and 18s age group.Played annually on a reciprocal basis.This can further identify local talent as they are pitted against their Australian Counterparts.How hard would this be to set up? This would create a great atmosphere with all age groups being played as a team with the younger age groups being inspired by the older age groups seeing what is needed to transgress as they play along side.I suggested a few years ago a North Island vs South Island event from Open right down to 10s ,many thought it was a good idea but may have been put in the too hard basket.With all the money being spent on other area's would not events such as these help with development and also be an opportunity for New Zealand selectors to see what is exactly out their talent wise.Its also about bringing the best juniors together more often and with a purpose, and it adds to the Tennis Calender, I suggest these events to be held over the Winter period where there is a void of tennis and incentives for juniors to keep playing.

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