Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Mind is willing but the body aint what it used to be

South Canterbuy 12 and Under quad team once again came out on top for the Southern Region last weekend in Timaru.This is the second quad the team has won this season.Thanks to our girls that only dropped 1 match all weekend and that was in a 10-8 third set tie break they pulled the team through.Both boys and girls matches are counted for the overall result.Winning all their matches in the final round against Otago the girls had to rely on one of the boys picking up a match and that came with Sam Lane defeating Paddy Ou convincingly.This weekend the Southern senior teams will gather in Dunedin.Coming out of a retirement ....well I guess i haven't really ever retired from playing " the eye" will once again raise a sweat on the court this weekend in Dunedin.With age you have to play smarter, hope the opposition is not at their best and pull out every trick in the book as the age difference of your opponent could be 28 years younger at best!!!! Yes the eastern forehand grip now looking more like continental with years of ball feeding from coaching goes against the modern topspin semi western forehand that bounces above waist height.Guile and placement tries to overcome the power play of the modern era! " why cant we use the old wood racquet's" how would these youngsters cope with those!.Doubles is not too bad , but its that damn game of singles that will be my undoing.

The above picture is a collage of South Canterbury Juniors from Last weekend

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