Monday, February 22, 2010

Begg takes Otago Doubles Title - Loses Semi's of singles .

Tyler Begg teamed with Otago Singles winner Ryan Chow to take the mens doubles title from Mattais Weiland and Jan Carboch 6-3 6-0.Earlier Tyler and Ryan both Canadians squared of against each other in the Semi's of the Men's singles.Begg lost the first set when he was broken at 4-4 all and Chow held to take the set.Begg then took control of the second set to runaway with it 6-1 then kept his form to set up a winning lead 5-3 in the third.Begg had Chow down and out but failed at the last hurdle and this is a good lesson for all players, don't get ahead of yourself as Tyler was thinking about the end result and the win .......however its never over until both players shake hands and Chow threw caution to the wind and Begg suffered from that classic tennis term "choked".Every player has lost a match like this at some stage in their tennis career and its important to learn from these losing matches.Focus only on the point at hand,play only in the now, do not change what you have been doing to set up that lead,play to win not play to wait for a mistake from your opponent.I guess Tyler had a little consolation knowing he was beaten by the winner and coming so close and naturally will feel a little hurt, but its this feeling that should drive him harder when in the same position in future matches and learn to close when in a similar situation.

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