Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cheap Tennis Coaching- Cheap Coaches

People amaze me in thinking they can literally "pull the wool over one eyes" and think nothing of it.I support a credible coaching organization that can deliver quality courses heading towards a Tennis Coaches qualification in that being a qualified Tennis Coach. It took me over three years to get full accreditation starting with an apprenticeship under a Master Coach and three Levels each with an exam,plus the cost to do this was well over $50.00 ,we had to do a playing test also,now 27 years later,coaching all over the world ,ATP,ITF and National Champions being moulded from my coaching, constantly updating through special seminars and literature I came across an interesting article on a Local website announcing their tennis club had 4 new qualified coaches.Well sorry any organization that allows people that have done a $50 community coaching course for two hours under a white badge tennis referee and then calls themselves qualified tennis coaches lacks credibility and this needs to be addressed.Since TNZ have implemented the new changes for Tennis Coaches there are indeed a number of High Profile Tennis Coaches not on their list , what is happening the top tennis coaches are saying why bother!How many certified coaches are not bothering?Letting people call themselves qualified tennis coaches is not on, i would suggest some of these so called coaches start with a few lessons themselves ...from a real experienced qualified tennis coach!

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