Sunday, March 28, 2010

On the Ice- Young Canadian excels on New Zealand Coaching and Tennis Scene

Tyler Begg - On the Ice from steve Dries on Vimeo.

I have titled this post On the Ice and only Tyler Begg will really get the meaning of the title so with that said I have to say that Tyler who has been under my wing with the local coaching scene for Tennis South Canterbury has done himself proud over the past 6 months excelling on the court with players from Mini Tennis to Nationally ranked players, handling all different age groups ,class size and ability.It does not seem that long ago that Tyler arrived from Calgary Canada and will wing his way home this Wednesday.I bet during that time he has learned a lot about the local tennis scene and about New Zealander's themselves.I have been impressed on his ability to Analise the game and transgress the strategy and technique that is needed to improve the players game and outlook with a reason how and why.With two days to go all that had anything to do with Tyler will be sad to see him go.I have also been able to work with Tyler in a capacity as a coach and also coach and player relationship hopefully I have helped in that area and more importantly given him a positive outlook to develop his game and also his coaching experience.What a wonderful opportunity tennis creates and Tyler has reaped the reward of being committed to this sport and I am sure he will take back to Calgary lots of story's and memories of his time here.Tyler you have done yourself proud and have been a great ambassador of Canada and your family.From all of us here in South Canterbury we wish you the best for the future,Its been great working with you as a fellow coach and as a tennis player/coach and as a friend, stay focused set goals ,be committed and most importantly STAY OFF THE ICE!

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