Monday, March 1, 2010

Full Circle

Senior Quads have come again I wish I could report my great form for last weekend but alas it was fairly average just playing two doubles, blink and your 25, blink again and your fifty one............enough said.South Canterbury finished a very close second to Southern Lakes winning more rubbers overall for the weekend but losing by a set on a count back on head to head against them.Some old warriors came out to bat for South Canterbury and veterans Rachel Ellis and Lisa Grady made appearances in the Line up as well as Kirsty Grady who hasn't picked up a racket for a couple of years and promising junior Annabel Ellis.Leading the women's was Gabrielle Grady who went through the weekend undefeated.In fact the Ladies team won 6-0 against Lakes 4-2 against Otago and 6-0 against Southland.Tyler Begg led the mens team dropping only one singles in a close match to Top 50 ITF ranked junior Ben McLachlan.Ryan Ammar and Peter Murray both played well and was supported by Guy Slater who finished on a high teaming with Tyler to defeat Southland top doubles combo Van Rooyan and Cuthill.Overall it was a great Team Effort with an outstanding effort from the Ladies.

I have titled this post full circle and its an appropriate title for what I am about to comment on.Tyler Begg around December started to work harder on his game and I have helped him in this aspect, providing technical and motivational support.His commitment to this has been great and its no wonder his game has gone ahead in leaps and bounds.In December he lost to Oliver Cuthill in a close match but straight sets, this weekend he beat Oliver 6-3 6-2 completely out playing Cuthill in all area's from game plan to technical aspects.Its no secret I put a lot of time in developing Cuthills game also.So this match for me was a match of interest, the first and foremost was to see how Tyler had Developed from December and also to see where Oliver is and the result proved what I had already assumed.Tyler's form had the passion and work ethics that is required to play at a high level....and from the other perspective disappointing to watch a player you have worked with for a considerable amount of time going backwards.I have always said matches are an indication to where you are with your game, its no wonder some players do a lot of hitting rather than matches because in hitting you can be oblivious to your true form.My advice to Juniors and players get a lot of Match play under your belt .ITS IMPORTANT!

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