Friday, July 9, 2010

Exploding Tennis News- Davis Cup New Zealand versus Pakistan

We know its not up there with the Rugby and the World Cup Soccer however New Zealand was playing Pakistan in the Asia/Oceania Group 2 today.I managed to get some updates on Radio Sport but the Tennis New Zealand Website did not have regular updates which is no excuse for an organization trying to lift their profile, they updated after the First Rubber which was won easily by Jose Statham against Ageel Khan 6-4 6-0 6-0.Michael Venus who could of been eligible for USA selection but wisely chose New Zealand on d├ębut lost 15-13 in the fifth set to Aisam Qureshi who is a very experienced doubles player.Venus set up a commanding lead in the 5th set but could not close against the Pakistani veteran of 60 Davis Cup Matches.The good news if there is any Qureshi will have to back up for the doubles which is going to be very crucial in determining this tie.In 2003 virtually the same  Pakistani team was defeated 5-0 by New Zealand with Hunt and Nielsen leading the way for New Zealand.This is one of New Zealand's most inexperienced line up with Number 1 player Dan King Turner playing a challenger in Spain unavailable.Tennis New Zealand will be holding their breath hoping the next lot of matches can go their way or prepare for the annual roast which comes with Davis Cup defeat.
PS. AT 9.45PM TENNIS NEW ZEALAND HAD UPDATED THEIR WEBSITE WITH THE RESULT OF THE LAST MATCH.Don't you think you could of used twitter or face book in situations like these for regular updates!

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