Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Twitter News with the eye

Twitter is a great way of keeping up with News and especially the tennis World.I have not been using twitter that long but over Wimbledon it was a great way to keep up with the action and story's that came over the fortnight.What I will do is post every so often with the twitter story's and items I am reading and finding interesting .I will provide a little brief on what the twitter is about along with the link.Below are a few that I found worth looking at from overnight.

Link 1. This is a link to the Spanish team ( Football) dressing room after the win http://tweetphoto.com/32331835 I know Rafa was invited to the dressing room hope he did not help to much in the celebration drinks!.

Link 2. An interesting article on the Extra Ordinary Era of Men's tennis http://dlvr.it/2Yn2R

Link 3.You think the tour for players is a grind well have a look at the WTA players party pictures in Budapest http://bit.ly/dylahG

So you can see Twitter is a great source of getting information.
Below also came via twitter but I have embedded the magazine here in this post, lots of pictures and features here on the upcoming US hard court season culminating with the US OPEN.Just click on it! takes a little to work it out but once you have..... read it like a book and click on the video also in the publication.


  1. Dear Eye ,
    I was not sure where to put this comment but let me know what you think of parents that write their own newspaper reports on their own children.I had to laugh at a recent report I read when the fixation was how many titles one had won...maybe if a reporter had interviewed they could of asked the value and merit of playing a substandard event and not a better age group ,what do you think of parents spending thousands of dollars on oversea's ITF tournaments and then playing a "Mickey Mouse" events locally.

  2. Anonymous
    Firstly I really don't want to go in depth too much at what you have asked ,I don't read the newspaper so cannot comment on any written articles.My view on any event you play is for your development in the long term ,Tennis New Zealand selectors need to ask a few questions on playing schedules of so called elite juniors picking and choosing events they can win rather than events they need to step up to.I know for a fact that a lot of juniors ( parents) do not play local Nationals in case they lose.Its up to TNZ and selectors to put a little more meaning into these events by selecting National teams.For example looking at next years 16s Junior Davis Cup team then its a must to have these juniors in the running playing in an appropriate age group that will help with selection.The same is for ITFs they serve a purpose but again winning cheaper events are not going to give you that much for the future, once you have won a couple of these G4 or G5 its time to step up.If you are winning G1 or G2 in Europe ok then you can talk future pro but you know the ones that have made it as a pro leave the junior circuit early for satellite and futures.And if you are like Venus or Serena you never have played ITF's